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You oldtimers, ( Goldfinger), probably already know this ,but the ones among you who may be around in 2036 may get a chance to see one hit the earth!

The university of Hawaii's instiute for Astronomy has told the National Academy of Science,s created at Congress's request that they are unable to eliminate the slight chance that the asteriod called APOPHIS will hit earth in 2036. Google it for more!!

Having been bit by the meteorite bug recently and reading the book " Rocks From Space" and meeting RogerD and others at the gold Basin outing including the man & wife team who showed me 5 that they had found in 1/2 day of hunting has really fired me up, so much that I have been dragging my 12" 150LP pull magnet all around!

you ought to see my screw and nail collection plus some unidenified little rocks (To be sent to Goldfinger for ID) .

In the past I thought I had found meteorite,s 3 times, 2 of them were fist size, black, very heavy and found near Annazzi ruins in NM. The other I don't remember where (I full time rock hunted for 16 years).

The 2 from NM were put on display at a rock show and were stolen along with many other rocks on exibit, the third I have some where in my stowage and I am going through 16 ,5 gallon buckets of rocks, crystal,fossils, geodes some of which I have not opened in years, I now have my cutting and polishing equiptment set up and cutting a lot of them.

Watch your head in 2036.


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