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Untouched Nasa Photo

John B.

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Hi All

Several years ago Roger and I had a gentlemans agreement :shhhhh: . He wouldn't tell about my fascination with pink tongs and I wouldn't tell anyone he wears a corset :unsure: !! Well as slippery as that Roger is doctoring up that photo he posted I now have the original :scare: . It took an act of congress to get it from the federal buracracy of NASA :angry-smiley-010: . I had send notorized letters using the freedom of information act to finnaly get it :smack: . As shocking as this photo is I never started this crap :shrug: !! I didn't even want anything to do with these gals they were Rogers Bimbos :Huh_anim]: !! Anyone that knows me knows I like my women on the skinny side and Sweetpeas pretty skinny :whoopie: !! At the time of this photo I only had about $50,000.00 on me and that wasn't enough for a light lunch with these folks so I politly excused myself and ran for my life thinking I might be the main course :chowtime: :broke: :outtahere: :escape: . Thank God I own a hemi it easily out ran Rogers diesel :woohoo: . But now you know why Roger is so keen on his desiel chevy with those heavy duty semi truck tires :hmmmmmm: . It's designed for hauling a lota weight and boy it was put to the test :twocents: !! So now all this is public and the dirty laundry is aired :winking0023: !! Here's the pix. Happy Huntin John B.


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:coffeetime: :coffeetime: darn ... Good thing you guys are friends! :confused0013: :tisc-tisc: You ARE aren't you?! :innocent0009: But then with friends like that who needs enemies???? :Huh_anim]: :laught16:

I have been laughing through this whole thread! :laught16::laught16::laught16:

Mike F.

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Guest goldstudmuffin

John, looks like you guys have those Dolly Chicks all claimed up for yourselfs... I just gotta ask, did you file a 160 acre placer claim, or just a heavy load/lode claim? :innocent0002: :laught16:

PS. Don't worry... I'm NOT considering claiming over the top of you!!! :idea:

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Ain't nobody got a finger that long! :laught16::laught16:

And you sure could not get the "Small Miners exemption" :rofl2: :ROFL:


Mr B...dare I ask if you used your Pointy Finger????


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I have to say, I prefer my avatar over the global (or did I mean globular) beauties your guys are salivating over. If I have to use mining tools to get to the gold during sex....it aint happening for me! :WOW:

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