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Happy B'Day Joe and Digger

Mike Furness

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Hey guys ... Happy Birthday!

I hope you don't mind the question ... I've always wanted to ask someone who had a birthday so close to Christmas ... did you ever feel somehow cheated on gifts as a kid? I ask because I had a girlfriend way back in my late teens/early twenties who had a birthday on Christmas Day. She was absolutely wonderful about having her B'day on Christ's day. To my knowledge she never felt badly that she had what most of us have as two holidays all on one. She tended to be a bit of a center of attention on that day but she could care less. Way too young to realize the type of gal she was. She turned out to be an outstanding mother and center of her community later in life.

Happy Birthday Joe and Azdigger!

Mike F.

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Mike,My b-day is the 28th. of Dec and I always got my b-Day present on Christmas so my parrents always said.but i always had a fun filled B-day celebrating with my parents,four brothers and two sisters.I was born in 1933 during hard times on a dry land farm in the Sweet Grass hill country in North central Montana meant that there wasent much cash to go around for presenrs anyway but I will never forget the great times spent with my family during those years.


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Funny you explain it that way because a lot of the more "mature" folks (mostly 50 and older) say basically the same thing. I haven't heard much from the younger set ... say those in their 30's.

Happy Birthday to you a day early!

Mike F.

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