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Stoney Meteorite?

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This non-magnetic rock that looks like a meteorite was dredged up by my old buddy (86 yrs young) years ago, when he lived in Northern Carolina. He is a big rockhound and has been told that it is a meteorite, but we are gold prospectors! I tried it on my gold scale but it's to heavy to give you a weight and my camera isn't the best to show it's details. The rough pitted side (backside?) sort of looks like the surface of the moon, with small impact holes of sort. The frontside (smooth?) is angular with 4 sides. One of the 4 sides has another angle to form a 5th angular feature. My old buddy maybe looking to sell this rock, if it is a space rock! Please help ID this rock.




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Do a streak test on it. Use the underside of the lid on top of the water tank for your toilet. If it's reddish or blackish - it's probably an iron mineral.

It looks odd with one side pocketmarked and the other side smooth which makes me think it's not a meteorite. :twocents:


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