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A website that sells detectors recommended the following metal detectors for meteorite hunting:

The entire Quantro Sensing line of metal detectors and Lorenz metal detectors, especially the DeepMax III (both out of my league)


Minelab's Explorer SE, and Musketeer Advantage, White's XLT and DFX, as well as the Garrett GTI 2500 with the depth multiplier. I just wanted to know from the pro's not someone trying to sell there most expensive detectors. (a little more reasonable but i'll still be hoping next year most likely)

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GMT and stock coil...........do a search forthe GMT on here and se wha is said about this machine.

Seems to be a favorite...found my first meteorite with one

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Yes!! The GMT seems to be a pretty good favorite of most of my friends. Great for gold and meteorites alike. Once you get used to the stock coil, then you can move on to the Goldmax Sierra Coil. Once you get the honker coil definitely go back to your old hunting grounds for the deep ones.

At one point I was going to get the new TDI coil but founf that since I am doing so great with the GMT why would I want to start all over having to "re-tune my ears".

Aloha and have a Mele Kalikimaka and a Hauoli Makahiki Hou.

Stan aka Kaimi

BTW, if Santa is reading this: I could always use a second GMT as a backup! :innocent0009:

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GMT has worked very well for us with the stock coil. I have replaced my first coil which developed a hair line crack on the side. Whites replaced it for free and very quickly as well. Check out this photo of our GMT. Good luck!



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Hi All

As a few know I still use the trusty Whites V/sat. No display except the battery and Iron meter. Works good for me on small L,s and H's. Can be had used for $150+ on Ebay and some pawn shops. My :twocents:

Happy Holidays



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Aloha guys,

Whites Rocks when it comes to their customer service! Main reason I will stay with Whites period!!

Aloha, Stan aka Kaimi

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