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Kinda hard to hunt this

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Aloha from Vegas winter wonderland,

Yep, my backyard has about two inches of that white stuff accumalating right now and we expect more. Roads are closed all over Vegas. Boulder City access is being shut down until later tonite, maybe!

I havn't seen this much snow since I went snowboarding up in Park City a couple of years ago. And this is Las Vegas!!!!!!!!

Whoever is planning a metal detecting this weekend better be prepared for the worst and hope for the best. Good luck you guys and drive careful out there.

As I stoke up the fireplace I wish you all a MELE KALIKIMAKA AND A HAUOLI MAKAHIKI HOU!

Stan aka Kaimi

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Hi Paul,

That'll slow your hunting down some. By the way, I think that white , lumpy stuff will stunt your palm trees. Of course, here in Phoenix we have icicles. They're found in the grocer's freezer case with the rest of the ice cream treats!


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Snow is great. but when i cant get from work (ridgecrest,ca) to home (lancaster,ca) because people dont know how to drive in snow. it makes me mad. i was 20 min away from home and had to turn around and go back to ridgecrest because the 14 hwy was closed south bound.

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Hello Paul, how are you doing? Nice pics.

Come on now, don't let the snow stop you! It sure does make for some interesting hunting!!

Check out this snowy hunt. Even though we were wet with frozen footsicles after our hunt, we still had a great time!







Dean and Zaya

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Paul, Lets go man! cause it looks like you will fit right in the white stuff for sure (sorry, thats snow for you zonians! ).

Erik, I passed through the northern part of New Mexico this morning and it was snowing again, up to a foot in places possible.

Mike, yeah Zaya loves the hunt for sure and is excited to head out this weekend for a try on the west mesa area around Albuquerque. You are right, he loves it just as much in the snow as he does when the weather is nice and sunny.

Hey Ben, how you been lately? We have not had any luck since Zaya's last finds. I will be off for a couple weeks soon and we are planning several hunts around N.M. You never know!! By the way the bungie cord info makes an outta this world difference, muchas gracias amigo!

Fred, thanks a bunch! I am now looking for a detector for zaya. I think he has earned it after his last finds as well as all the days he has spent in the field with me.

Paul, get your beanie ready! It is going to snow here three more times this week alone!!! I don't even think the snow will slow down your hunts Paul!!


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Finds or no, it looks like you two are having a lot of fun. You might surprise yourself hunting a new area, because you aren't expecting to find something and then bingo, cold-find city! Believe me..............................................................................


Glad the bungee works - Te Nada. It really makes hunting much easier. Have a great Christmas and Newyears.

Bueno Suerte, Ben

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