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Coil and battery F/S, I'm Bored. How about you?


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I know item's for sale should be in classified so I won't go into it here,

as you can look there for the details.

Did I get your attention?? Thought so!!

Yes I'm bored with the rain and cold too. :Huh_anim]:

We been on the LSD with no sign of anything

but junk, I think it should be junk free soon the way it's been going. :laught16:


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Bob it takes a lot of patience and a lot of trash digging to find a nugget. It can also be very frustrating to find a little gold. It might be worth your time to hook up with someone who will take you out even if it costs you a little money. It might be money well spent and rewarding in the long run. Cabin fever also runs high this time of the year....then on the other hand I have always said if I wanted Patience(patient's) I would have been a doctor. :laught16: Just my two cents worth. :twocents: Jerry

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