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Hey all,

I mentioned this over on AGP, and in light of this recent IE problem, I thought I'd suggest it here as well.

I'm sure a lot of you have your 'favorites', or your 'bookmarks', loaded with things that you've 'saved'...

Unfortunately, if your machine craps out on you, you will lose ALL of it...

I suggest buying a $10-20 flash drive, and put all your research that you've 'saved' on to it...

1 problem, and POOF, all gone...........................Back It Up......... :twocents:

for what it's worth.


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You might find an old ipod to use as a back up drive. Just ask your children or grandchildren if they have one that they don't use anymore. (you know how kid's like new stuff)

Great way to take your music on the road too no fumbling with CD's.

merry xmass!


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Backing up your important stuff on the computer IS A MOST! As a retired computer repairman/Telephone man, 95% of all problems in up grades and repair: NO ONE BACKED UP THEIR DOCS., BOOKMARKS, ETC.

If you prize your personal stuff as much as your gold/relics, backup your data :coffeetime: :coffeetime:

wyldkatt7, very, very good advice.


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Thanks for the advice. :coffeetime: Now how do we do this flashdrive backup? :confused0013:

Bob, in Sunny Arizona :tisc-tisc:


Flash drives usually come in USB drive ability. Try to get a 4-8gig drive if possible. If your running Windows XP or Vista, it will automaticly I.D. and install the drivers. It will show up in My Computer as a removable drive. Copy each folder that you want backed up to the flash card. Most are about 1/2 inch wide and 2-3 inches long. All new ones are plug-n-play.

Hope this helps.


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