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A little luck today

Al C

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As most of you guys know I'm a digger and love doing it but today my old knees hurt so bad I decided to get the GB2 out from behind the truck seat and give myself a break. I have a hell of a hard time finding gold with a detector but it beats setting at home. Well the gold gods smiled on me and I'll be damned if a little nug didn't showed up along with a pocket full of trash. boy am I grateful. She ain't much but for me swinging a detector its big.


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Yo Al......VERY nice nugget...Way to go...A detector is a hell of a lot lighter than a #2 Shovel :icon_mrgreen: Cheers, Unc

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:icon_mrgreen: Nothing like the adreneline rush of finding a nice lil'ol' nugget to move the mind from PAIN to what really matters---GOLD !! I'm being forced into less stressful modes of mining too and it REALLY makes this ol' dredge dog fume but ya gotta adapt as we all age- *&^%$ it-Tons a au 2 u2 -John

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