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I cut a cabochon form a piece Garimpo gave to me while in Brazil. I just made a pendant out of it and was looking for opinions from real space rock people. Pictures could certainly be better. Please let me know what you think, positive or negative is certainly OK... Total weight is about 12 1/2 grams, 2 grams in gold........




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Hey BUDDY, I have designed and executed countless stained glass windows, panels, and 3 dimentional objects . So as a "USED TO BE ARTIST" I have to say you have shown some exqusite designs in the work I have seen that you have posted. I truly mean it your workmanship is fantastic, and that should make you feel good because there are'nt many people that take the time to be "UNIQUE" in this day and age.

Keep up the GREAT work you do.


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I could easily etch some more... nitric will do nothing to the gold............. I am not a meteor guy and was being on the very cautious side when I introduced this wayfarer to nitric........ I will also say this was one of the messiest rocks I have ever put to my cabbing machine!

Frank, thanks a bunch!

If anyone thinks it is worth a hundred bucks, they can have it!

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El Dorado as usual a day late and several hundred short....just now saw this thread....darn good looking work there

ole timer....all that work probably calls for a nice rest in the Southern Hemisphere....hammock and SKOL waiting....

Hey Jayray you got a nice space rock there for a darn good price......I climbed that friggin mountain for that piece...

oh well I have your flag for a while...I believe you went to more trouble for it than I did......

Now where did I hide the good stone..... :confused0013:

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