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A small victory for a long standing possiblity


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This is an article about the California State Water Resources Control Board

voting unanimously, 5-0 to revoke the US Bureau of Reclamations water rights to build

a very controversial dam on the American River.


The past history of this project was like watching a slow-motion train wreck.

"This is a great victory for millions of people who utilize this river every year,"

said Ron Stork, senior policy analyst for Friends of the River (FOR).

"Hopefully, this action closes a chapter on the 35-year effort to build

one of California's most useless and most expensive dam projects ever conceived.

Auburn Dam is without purpose, without funding and now without water."

One of the little known aspects of this whacko project is that it was to be built

right over an active fault zone...


MicroNugget and El Dorado, isn't this pretty good news?

All the best,


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Where you been, boy? Glad to hear you still have a pulse. A little good news these days seems hard to come by. But I'll enjoy every crumb thrown our way. Missed ya last month when we popped over a quarter pound. Cheers.


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Micro Nugget,

Thanks for the reply...I have just been too busy with

family-related stuff to get out much - which is both good (the family stuff),

and bad (not getting out).

Looking forward to getting back out to the Dale,

it is one of my favorite places.

That Auburn Dam "project" has been a 'foot through the Rembrant'

of that area for years. Glad it's finally been trashed for good.


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