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are these coordinates?


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Grettings, can someone with way more brains than I have explain to me if the following are coordinates and how do I read them and interpret them?

T ps. 4 bS., Rs. 28

I am currently reading Placer Gold Deposits of Arizona by Maureen G Johnson. It has a lot of info in it and came with a map and the book references the locations. But in the Location section those are what i am seeing. I have fingered out all on my lonesome that they are obviously not GPS coordinates, so um...........help a feller out? :confused0013:

Thanks in advance. :bowdown:

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OK this may be a little ragged around the edges,but here goes.

On government topo maps this is a system to find a location on

the map. The top of the map will have letters ABC and so on from

left to right. The sides will have numbers 123 and so from top to

bottom. Also the Township and Range.

You can pinpoint a location fairly close by using these grid lines.

Depending on the map and the grid code you can get within a section.

Some map makers use their own codes with a legend too. They figure

most people can't understand township and range,so they just use a

combination alphabet,number grid.

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Hi Sonny, those are referring to the Public Land Survey System(PLSS). T for township followed by N(North) or S(South), R for Range followed by E(East) or W(West) and then a S(section) Each township is generally 36 sections, one square mile each. The T ps and Rs refers to multiple townships and ranges. I'm not sure on the 4 bS. If you look at a Topo map you'll see these divisions drawn out. In Arizona, the townships all begin at a point just west of the confluence of the Gila and Salt river and go N, S E or W from there. Hope this helps. Later...Jim P.

Ps. Sorry Sawmill, we must have been typing at the same time.

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Hello Sonnysnewlife,

They are not coordinates as you figured out , they are townships and ranges . Townships run north and south of the Baseline and the Ranges run east and west of the meridian which in AZ is the Gila-Salt river Meridian . Example; Nogales is located in Township 24S and Range 14E which is approx. 36 square miles of real estate in AZ which can be broken down further into the sections which are a square mile each approx. .

I hope this helps and for a little more on this Geocomm. start zooming into the area you want to see and with the layers on the right side of page certain criteria can be toggled on/off, which township/ranges /sections will be under PLSS (click on folder icon and it will open ).

Sorry Jim and Sawmill, I must be a slow typer because there were no replies when I started .

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That is OK guys I could show him in 20 seconds,but it might take

a year or two of typing to tell him. :laught16:

Just a little more info,The alphabet,and number system is used mostly

on maps for public use.

The maps we use for work are divided into Range,Township ,Section,

with latitude and longitude grids. With the right overlays and tools you

can do some pretty accurate work from a map.

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And thats why I came to you guys. Although I am adept at reading and tracking on regular maps, I dont think I have ever held a Topo map in my hand.........~~~big sigh~~~...so much to learn, but happy to be able to.

Thanks again! :bowdown:

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