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Franconia outing results anyone?

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Aloha everyone,

Just got back from my Sisters convent after two days of dredging their LARGE pond and expected to see a lot of pics with results from the recent outing.

WHAZZUP!! Nothing,nada,zip! I dont think everyone got skunked or are you guys being like me and not posting pics anymore.

Aloha and waiting to see some pics.

Stan aka Kaimi

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Sorry guys, I myself did not get to hunt much...ran the quad out of fuel and forgot to being


Had a great time, lots of good talk arounf the fire friday night.....not sure what anyone else found.

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I only hunted for a few hours on Saturday, found 9 little irons and 2 small chondrites....Total weight, 26 grams.... Enjoyed some great conversation around the campfire until about 11 P.M., then drove back to Kingman. Nate, Del, and Paul all scored some space rocks on Saturday, have no idea as to what they did on Sunday. Looking forward to their reports....

I missed out on Big Jeff's famous Poppers, they all got etten on Friday night, if only I hadda known, idda been there..... :shrug: :cry2:


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Sorry I missed you Jim. I was having a wiring problem on the trailer :angry-smiley-010: and wanted to try to get home before dark. I don't have a clue on this meteorite hunting "thing" :confused0013: and was basically just playing with a new detector. I did find an intact ink bottle with lid firmly attached, even had some dried ink in the bottle. Hopefully see you next time. Take care, Jeff.

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Sorry guys trying to get pics loaded I will post when I get off work today.

Sorry Del got tied up the other day couldnt call I will talk to you this evening.

I found 7 chondrites and a little iron pics will follow tonight.

BYE THE WAY: Big Jeff I would really like the reciepe for the poppers If you can give it out. They were the best I have ever had BY FAR!!!!!!!!!!!! :bowdown: :chowtime: Please P.M. me if it is available.

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