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Any help identifying this nugget that I have please...


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Hi all, just happened to stumble accross this forum on a google search in attempt to find out some more info about

this particular gold nugget that has been in my possession for the past 7 years or so. My mom is quite a jewelry collector

and purchased this during a trip to the Carribbean I believe somewhere circa 1987. She had since passed it onto me

around 7 years ago, when I started wearing it as a necklace. However, as I'm approaching my later years, I have little

use for it as I no longer wear jewelry, and now I'm attempting to find info regarding nuggets as I'm considering selling.

I'm also not sure as to how 'original' or 'pristine' the face of the nugget is, as it has quite a bit of sharp polished angles

which I cannot seem to find on any google searches...it resembles the look of a 'crystal' quite closely. The rear

is a stark contrast, featuring a much more flat, uniform surface. All I know is that it does have a pretty aesthetically pleasing shape

(almost like Africa) and my mother said even several years back that it is a fairly expensive piece.

I have no clue as to the particular weight/size, but only these pics with reference items such as a quarter. I'm not quite

sure as to the desirability of this particular specimen...all I know is that nuggets are quite expensive compared normal gold pieces.

I'm sort of hesitant to sell on ebay as I feel I may not get its full value due to market saturation, so any other reseller

sights would be appreciated.

Any help/info/speculation would be greatly appreciated, thanks!



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Looks to me, like it was cast. I'm no expert. but I have seen many fake nugget made this way, out of fines. One guy I knew, used wax moulds and natural rock cavities to cast his nuggets. But always told that he made them. So that look like what you have. I coud be wrong. Just my thoughts. Grubstake

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I think I have to agree with Grubbie...It definitely looks manmade... :twocents: ...Again, we both might be wrong...Cheers, Unc

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I was fooled to thinking 'what a beautiful piece' until I scrolled down to see the picture of the back of the piece. The back sure looks like it was molten at one time and not by mother nature's doing. That doesn't mean it is not a valuable piece but to the trained eye, not mine, if manufactured it would be worth maybe spot or a bit less. As a piece from nature given the size and character on the front alone it would probably be worth more, maybe a lot more to the right person. My guess though is that it is the former rather than the latter. And if molded by man the purity might be in question as well.

Just my guesses for the moment,

Mike F

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I will say its purty!

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thank you all very much for your replies/info!!

Well I stumbled upon another forum and posted up the same thread, and the 'so called' resident nugget expert said with 100 percent

certainty that it's a manmade piece. I was fearing this but expecting it, as things didn't really add up to me. Oh wells...so I guess

at this point it's worth the same as a regular gold piece of equivalent weight and carries no premium, correct? If that's the case then

I guess I'll just continue living up my youth and wear it around my neck lol.

Again, greatly appreciated all :)

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To me, that certainly looks like a cast piece vs. a poured over salt piece. Probably the original was a pour then a rubber mould was made to be able to reproduce that same nugget over and over via lost wax casting. I say this because the bail is cast in place not soldered on. It may not be a real nugget, but it certainly has some jewelry value.

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I agree with ElDorado, that is definitely a casting. I have made many of them in the past, using both rock salt or a basalt sandwich. Probably re-moulded several times as that bail is crude...

Still quite attractive and value depends upon weight and Karat of the gold. I would venture a guess at 10 to 14K from looking at the pictures.


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It's a very pretty piece but even with my untrained eyes, I can see that it was made by some casting method or other and has had some of it's surfaces cut or polished to increase the bling factor. Even so, it is a nice piece of jewely and I hope you enjoy wearing it if you keep it.

Cheer's lvlagnum.

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What you have looks more like a jewelry piece than a true nugget. To me, jewelry pieces are made by man and nuggets are made by nature. Although, nuggets can be made into jewelry. El Dorado has shown some of the nugget and meteorite jewelry that he has made, on this forum and his work is magnificent. Even so, that is a spectacular looking hunk of metal and I certainly wouldn't kick it out of bed for eating crackers. Enjoy it.

Lets seeeeeee. At about $850US an ounce and depending on the purity of the gold in your piece. That means it would be worth.....ummm, did I mention that I have a birthday comming up soon?

Cheers, lvlagnum.

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