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Franconia on 12 -6-08

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Well guys we did make it down there, I had a friend in from Boston. When we got there we pulled up at the camp and was informed by Jim and his wife that everybody left already.

So we went across the tracks looking for who ever was in the red truck that Jim said went over there.

I was looking forward to using my new machine The TDI by White's.

We didn't find anything, but did find the red truck, with no one around.

The machine worked great, but you have to be over a meteorite to find one. I must say that the ground bal. is the best.

I was not picking-up any hot rocks at all.

I did dig two Rounds but that was because I was not know what a round sounded like.

I dug one piece of wire from a target, but that was it for the day.

I would have liked to had one meteorite to tune the machine too , but that is the way it goes.

Stan if you are hunting to the north on a weekend let me know so I can tune this machine to one of your meteorites.

I think that this will be a great machine once I get it down pat.

My wife bumped into paleface , as she was sitting in the jeep playing here game, Boy to bad I was out in the field when he came by. I would have liked to seen the map he was showing my wife.

Hope to see you all the next time we get down there.

Connie & Rick

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Sorry to have missed you, I arrived at the camp site after everyone had left for the field and Rick was leaving for home, he told me where everyone had headed. When I saw Connie, I was heading to an area above the strewnfield in order to take a few readings. Was not up there for more than an hour and your vehicle was gone when I came back down. I had plenty of Franconia chondrites and irons with me and would loved to have seen how the Whites TDI responded to them in the field. Next time that you plan to be down there, drop me a PM and I might be able to meet up with you.


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Thanks I had a buddy that wanted to get back to the tables in Vegas, so we could not stay any longer.

When my wife told me you had stopped, I just thought that she could have called me. We were just down over the next hill two min. away.

I would have liked to talk with you sorry I missed you.

The next time I am coming down I will give you a PM. Now that the gas prices have come down it wont be too much to get down there for a few hours in the field.

Thanks for the offer.

Connie & Rick

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