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Still getting skunked out by lovelock


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so i have a sd2100v2 with a 11 inch mono,

i also have a dry washer i have yet to actually use.

but i have been searching out by rye patch, dry gultch, american canyon (still waiting on this one) and a few other places, and the most valuable thing i have dug up was a 2006 penny i found in a wash today....

i did also find an outcropping quartz vein which i took a sample from, which im going to drop off at the local assay lab Monday, but really... nothing significant as of yet.

tomorrow im hoping to go out for half of the day and dry wash some of the old placer workings, and spend the other part of the day beeping around a few canyons, all south of imlay.

if anyone has any advice for me i would really appreciate it. i have a 4WD ford so i can get almost anywhere, also i have a Spot sat messenger, so i hopefully wont get stranded out there.

thanks for your help


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Zippoz...it's been a long time and I don't remember all the names of the canyons or the mileage

but several times I would go straight North out of Lovelock and just before the road that goes

East over the mountains to Rye Patch I would find nuggets on the hill sides....

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Greg: My advice would be to use your 4WD to get into the Humbolt mts and find a very remote spot. Then get out and start detecting. You just never know what you might come across. There's been many lucky people who have stumbled across patchs or other items of value. It's worked for me. Remember this- not everything that's valuable is golden.


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Was thinking about going up that way this weekend, but things got complicated. If you're still in the Lovelock area; have you tried west of Lovelock and north of Lone Mtn? Some old placer claims in that area, but never been there yet.


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Wow good job guys! You really hit him with some info! :whoopie:

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