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Nugget hunting with the GPX4500 versus the GP4000


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I have been using the GPX4500 looking for nuggets in an area which has yielded nuggets, but I am having limited success. After I have been over the area not finding any nuggets , my partner with a GP4000 goes over the same area and finds nuggets.

On my machine I started off using the factory settings and have also tried adjusting the menu as recommended from one of the postings about the field test of the GPX4500 on the site. My coil sweep speed is very slow, ground balance and tuning are performed according to the instruction manual.

What am I doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated.


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Geoff....use the same settings that your buddy is using and also the same coil if your not

already .....if that doesn't work any better for you then just accept the fact your friend

is better than you...... :laught16:

Could be.... but he won't share his settings so I will never know.

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Perhaps you should reconsider the meaning of Friend...

if you go to the archives and read the various posts from the release of the 4500 you may find your problem...have you considered getting Jonathan Porter's DVDs?

There is also the possibility that your 4500 needs some medical attention...or a combination of problems, life can get complicated.........


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Could be.... but he won't share his settings so I will never know.

I agree with Fred, I would not consider him a friend at all.....Uh, no I would not throw a hand full of BB's over his patch.

If you have one of the first 1200 (4500's) off the assembly line you should send it in even if it does appear to be working good.

I am curious on the size of the nuggets he is finding along with how deep down they are. I am not one to give advise but if you give these guy's more information I am sure they can help you optimize your settings.

Tony Teixeira

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friends or not you just need to spend some time with it get your self two test nuggets small and big. take a day out and :icon_mrgreen: just mess with the settings to get the best for your ground type it will come :innocent0009:

good luck

PS you could trade for my 4000 :laught16:


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geoff... one shade tree way is to compare your machine with your hunting

buddy using a buried jefferson nickel...

But you need to be positive-minded. Concider this; a nugget is a small target,

it can be easily missed. You cannot find a nugget if you do not get your coil

over it...

Now to replow old ground already mentioned in this thread, here is

my thoughts... If I can still remember them (Grin)

However, it is important to really know your detector... so go back to the

manual... read and re-read... Go back into the achives on this forum and

read every post regarding the "how-tos" with the 4000 and 4500... There

are several very prolific prospectors who post on the various forums... Too

many for me to mention by name... And the posters replying to this tread

can be helpful... so everyone keep it rolling.

Additionally try to read the ground... the paystreak is tricky... Remember,

finding the first nugget seems to be the hardest: PPD... positive, persistent

and determined...

(Gosh, in my old age I'm beginning to sound like the (late) William "woody"


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Geoff...One very simple way of covering that patch better than your "friend" is to sell your 4500, buy an original sd2100 together with a nuggetfiner 14" e mono coil, use half of the left over cash to buy your significant other a bunch of nice things and the other half for beer...You'll find more gold, you'll have a happy mate and have plenty of beer to celebrate all your new gold finds... :laught16: :twocents: Cheers, Unc

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