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Yo All...Yesterday, after our hunt on my "secret" patch, Montana gave me a pointy finger, more or less, to an area a few miles away in the Vultures...I got out a little late today, about 1PM and headed out for the area he discribed...I knew basically where it was, but took a wrong turn and ended up a few miles in the wrong direction...And of course my dumbass left the GPS in the truck...While I was wandering around, I came across an old miners' camp that was fun to explore and surrounded by rotten schist bedrock, stained red quartz and hot ironstone plus a few coyote drifts...Definitely a place to go back when I have time to wander around more....

Anyhow, I turned around and retraced my track to the area Bob had told me about...Sure enough I found it...A very small but very long wash that zigzaged through all kinds of very interesting and diversified mineralization...The ground was pretty hot and it took me quite a while to settle ol' Baboo down...I started about the middle of the length of the wash and worked upstream...Other than a couple of boot tacks, a couple of old square nails and some old metal shoe eyelets the wash was very shy of targets...

After a couple hours I decided that it was time to beatfeet back to my quad, but decided to work just another 100 feet before stopping...Good thing, because just another ten feet up, down in some pretty funky bedrock, I got a very mellow signal...I only had to dig down about four inches and out popped this little 0.7 gram beauty...Typical Arizona desert nugget...Very coarse...Only a day late to be my Birthday Nugget... ....Cheers, Yer Unc in the Dubyah



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Well, better late than never I always say. Arn't you glad you had the patience to walk them extra steps, just think what would have happened if you decided to turn around. :tisc-tisc:

Nice birthday nugget.


Stan aka Kaimi

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I play a lot of Texas Hold em....I would say your winning hand came on the river. Very nice! :twocents:

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Way to go Ron, nice nugget and a belated happy birthday. Will be back in Morristown next week and hope to run across you at LSD.

I have been in Quartzsite for a couple of weeks letting the old pro Jim B beat me at finding gold and pool. The old Marine in him isn't letting this old Seabee forget it either and I have to :escape: from him for awhile.


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