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Guys as I stated in another post, I bought my Good Bug from Ebay and it works great!. But I noticed that the wire must have a break in it on my 14" pad. I was wondering if the wire can be changed? I am pretty darn handy but I didnt want to take it apart only to find out I cant get it back together working.

The wire leading up to the box is not frayed. So the break in the wire is internal. How do I know you ask?

Well depending on how I hold the wire itself, the Bug works like a charm (yeah still a virgin tho). But if the wire is positioned in the wrong way, the Bug wont sound at all even if I ran it over a hammer!

So can someone let me know if the wire can be changed out?

Also I was up at Oro Blanco today, when the bug was working I was finding the most minute pieces of scrap, yeah I prolly have it set too sensitive. I didnt find any gold (yeah still avirgin)....(I said that before eh?)...but the mines were cool to look at. Ruby was closed of course, but the day was sweet.

I tell ya what is depressing about that area. ALL the Gold found there back in the day, wouldnt make a pimple on some of the counties you guys live in.

But I still try anyway. One of these days I am gonna go back to Colorado. I lived not far from Cripple Creek and I know theres gold in them thar hills!

Hope this finds everyone well and thanks in advance for any help you can give me on the wire.

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I have a GB2 and I have had a problem just like this. Its more than likely a loose ground wire on one of the ends. You can slide the rubber back on those ends and expose the terminals. It's been a while but I think there are 3 or 4 wires on those terminals and they are real close together. On mine there was just one strand that had broke away from the sodder and was touching another wire. Some times it would make noise and some times it would just cancle out. It all depended on how you held the cord. I cut my ends off and re soddered them. If you forget where they go you can call Fisher's tech department and they will help.

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Sonny....Todd's suggestion is a good solution that should work for you....I've had Fisher GB2 coil problems that I just sent to Fisher who fixed it quick....But I've gotta know, What the hell is your icon??????????????????? Dodacious won't let me look at any of your posts until I find out :laught16: Cheers, Unc

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Thanks for the info....my Icon? Its a bleeding thumb. Just a single drip of life that I am willing to give to anything I do. In otherwords, no pain no gain?

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Guest bedrock bob

I have gone through a pile of GBII coils in the last five years. Great machine, but there are some durability problems with the coils. Sometimes a short in the wire, sometimes in the coil itself. When it is the coil it will not be able to be ground balanced. One small elliptical, five medium sized ones, and one big one (I dont keep track of the specs on these, I think there are only tree sizes). I purchased one new that was faulty from the get go and one that I just purchased a month ago is already bad. I figure that I find just about enough gold to pay for the coils. Go figure.

Sometimes they will replace them but lately I have just been forced to buy a new one. I generally use an old Whites GMII that is darn near as good and never a problem. The GMII will detect a little deeper on a big one and not quite as small a target at the surface, although the difference is not much between the two machines. I kind of like the Whites because it is more stable in bad ground and is a little easier to listen to. The Whites has never failed not once in 25 years. The GBII has been marginal at best and I have only had it five years.

I try to use the GBII primarily because it will go a little smaller. I wind up finding more gold with the Whites GMII though as it stays in service, and it seems I hit the hot spots while the GBII is out of comission.

Bedrock Bob

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Dito here. My GB2 has a slight short in my smaller coil. I can use it problem free most of the time but if I wrap it just wrong then it goes haywire. Also depending on how I wrap it depends on whether it is ok to let it bump something or not. My short appears to be near the coil. I tend to try to wrap it and leave it for as long as possible though. Had a coin shoot recently and I switched coils so now the switch back took a few wraps to get it just right again. Hows this lifetime warranty work?

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