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Hey guys,

New to the forum, but after hunting meteorites in Franconia. We have seemed to have lost a wallet Saturday afternoon 11/30. We were hunting northeast of the tracks past the East Franconia sign. Kinda hard to give exact coorindates since it was our first time out there. If you find it please let me know. Thanks!

Btw we couldn't find anything out there....


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I will keep an "eye" out for it as I hunt this weekend.

We are having an outing there and will be camped on the south side (away from the tracks)

about 1 1/2 miles left turn...feel free to come on out. I will be arriving on Thursday morning and

staying until Sunday afternoon.....there will be lots of info forthe new folks as there always

is at one of these outings.

This OUTING is open to anyone who cares to attend......

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ALRIGHT!!! Sounds like a treasure hunt is also in store for anyone showing up this weekend. :woohoo:

Aloha and be safe out there,

Stan aka Kaimi

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Yo Rick...What group had the outing at F.???? Does anyone ever find nuggets north of the tracks?????Cheers, Unc

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Ron , I am not sure what group other than the bunch from nugget shooters. I have never heard

of any gold being found north of the tracks.......

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Hi Ron,

I'm not sure if this helps but.....................................on the North Side I once found a gold.............................can of Miller. Darn, it sure was cold and tasty after swingin' a coil all day in hundred degree heat!


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