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Guys and Gals I have a story to tell and I have Boxberger (Jim B) to back it up!

Yesterday Jim And I were out by Dome Rock beepin and I Got the sweetest signal you would ever hope to hear.

Dug up this nice nugget and could not believe it but in the same dig hole up comes this old time Sheriff badge with a bullet hole in the dead center. If only the badge could talk I'm sure it would have a whopper of a tale to tell. That's my story and I'm sticking with it. :innocent0009: :innocent0009:



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Very nice nugget. I found one of those recently myself. It's less than an inch across if I remember correctly lol. BTW any chance I can get a straight answer on what it is?

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Yep, from tobacco bags...I've got a bunch of them from LSD and the Vulture area...Also little donkeys, crowns and hatchet looking thingys...In fact, there's one spot at the LSD that's like the motherlode for these tobacco bag icons...cool finds...Cheers, Unc

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