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I've been sitting on this for a couple of months now....here's the story....a meteorite hunter that

I know and who lives about five minutes from my house came by a couple of months ago with a

story that he had found a iron meteorite that weighs over two tons...I told him I needed pics and

not to breath a word of this to anybody....a week later he shows up with pics from a film camera...

bad pics and no measurements but he did have one chunk from the main mass about the size of

a golf ball...I sent it off for classification...haven't heard back on it yet....then I made it plain that

I wanted to see the main mass and get my own good pics and some measurements...a couple of

weeks later here he comes with more pics of them digging the main mass up with a tractor and a

tape measure being used....during his absence I did a few emails for some info....when he returned

I informed him that the meteorite he had found could very well be a record for at least in Brazil...

and one of the largest irons recovered in the world....

Let me describe this guy....he owns nothing...not a car....not a bicycle and he probably rents his

house but he does have a metal detector....possibly borrowed....so here I am trying to make him

aware of what's at stake here and at the same time trying to help as much as possible...trying to

get all this info into his head is like sitting in front of your pick-up and explaining everything to the

pick-up grill.....

Then he calmly said that someone in Rio de Janeiro had offered him R$300,000.00 for it a month

earlier.....that's when I blew....my response in very tense words and a much louder voice was

call the party and sell the darn thing....haven't heard a words from him now for about a month....

yesterday was talking to a lady that's part of my extended family and she said that last Saturday

on the Brazilian discovery channel was a report by a national TV crew about a two ton meteorite

that had been recently found only 40 km from my house.....with full details about the LOCATION

and that it was the largest meteorite ever found in Brazil.....I don't have any idea where the iron is

at this moment.....one of the warnings I gave to the finder was if the National Archives of Brazil

found out about this they would confiscate it.....still waiting to hear more....




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Aloha Garimpo,

Well you tried your best to give him some good advice. BUT sometimes people just dont understand the ramifications of what could happen if the government gets wind of such things.

Me, I would have sold it with the "CLEAR understanding" that the location of the meteorite had to remain a secret.

Hope he cashed the check and disappeared into the forest until all cools down.


Stan aka Kaimi

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