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Panner by heart, Metal Detecting new and need help


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I just bought a Prism V and I was in my yard and my detector sometimes only beeps in one direction over a possible find. I don't want to start digging yet since I've heard you should be getting a beep in different directions. There has to be something there for it to go off. ps I'm going in a canyon under some old gold mines and want some more advice to get my detector tuned in. In that kind of area is it best to leave it on all metal mode or do I block out the iron?


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I don't know anything about your Prism V. Maybe someone who has one will chime in or better yet go back to your dealer for a demo and instruction after reading the manual.

Beyond that, I think I can suggest to you with reasonable correctness that you first need to establish a good ground balance. Make that threshhold noice just as smooth as possible, then turn the volume down until it is just barely audible and hunt in all metal mode. I would only use my discriminator once I hit a target. Your threshold changes volume and pitch when you're over a target. If it sounds off when you swing both east-west (or if you prefer left and right) and north-south (front and rear) then I would dig the target. If you have any question about the target being a hot rock or something else just dig it. It won't take much to discover if it is a useless hot rock or a real target. Hot rocks tend to be very near the surface and can be scrubbed away with a couple sweeps of your boot in most cases. They usually give a rather unstable response. A good target will usually give a smooth repeatable signal.

One caveat ... If your machine has an auto ground balance and you decide to use it don't swing over the target too many times as it will tend to make the target disappear. In otherwise it will balance it out as if it were not there. That info should be in your manual if it has auto ground balance.

Main points: 1. Ground balance; 2. Smooth threshold; 3. All metal mode; 4. Dig all "targets". Simple enough ... now just go and do it.

Hope this helps ... good luck and enjoy,

Mike F.

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read your manual at least once...no this is not a smart-ass retort. I went to the Whites site and your detector is not the best choice for hunting nuggets or hi-grading...which is not to say it won't find some goodies...you will just need to really know how to use the detector.

It sounds to me like you are getting spurious ground signals...if you have the sensitivity turned to the high end, turn it down to the middle until you learn to ground balance it...then, once it is gb-ed put a dime, penny, nickel, pull-tab and rusty nail in an area clear of other targets...get to know those signals...generally, I would dig any repeating signal...repeating meaning you get a response in the same place and same sound every swing...this is an experience thing.

Now, if you want to find gold specimens and you don't have a sample piece...get some very thin foil and make tiny pieces of it, or, take some gold chain links and open them up...if you can detect them you will likely be able to find some specimens...

It is difficult to give you the one thing you need most; experience, you got to get that the hard way. best of luck


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You would been better off if had got the MXT than the P V.That detector is more on the side of coin hunting than it is for nugget hunting.When you got it did you tell the dealer what all you wanted to hunt with it? :icon_mrgreen: I won't say you can't find gold with it but the MXT will do it better.

If you can get you a nugget and take it in the field to test your detector then you'll know. :twocents:

Chuck Anders

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