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Recent trip to Holbrook

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Wow! What a trip! I have to say that it was

definitely worth the gas! I got skunked the first

day but I definitely made up for it the second day.

We made finds on both the North and South sides

and explored a lot of the strewn field and most of

our finds were individuals.. It was pretty cold in

the morning and very warm from noon to 2pm-ish

with an early sunset around 5-6ish. It wasn't easy

to spot finds with the long winter shadows. I can't

speak for my dad but I wouldn't have had the motivation

to concentrate if it wasn't for my ipod blaring Tesla,

Wasp, and Gn'R.

Dad's total was 5.3g consisting of




1.2g <==(Several fragments)

My total was 30.4g consisting of



4.2g <==(Several fragments)











I'll post the pics and vids soon.


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Nice finds Erik! Do I sense a little payback to Ben for going without you last time? Just kidding, I'm sure he wished you were there.


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Hi All,

I actually like Tesla and Guns N Roses, I'm just not part of the Ipod generation. I had felt pretty good, having found the first one ( a nice complete individual) and I had even felt a little sorry that Erik had been skunked on saturday. Then on sunday, Erik got his groove on. There was a lot of anxiety and wondering if it was complete, before he popped out his largest stone. Then when we could see it was a beautiful, whole, uniquely-shaped stone, there was a whole bunch of screaming! Also, his second largest, the triangular-shaped stone has lip-over, and the entire back side is secondary fusion crust. Several are oriented or have flow lines. So, I continued to find smallish fragments with my old weak eyes, and Erik kept finding larger, whole stones with his sharp, young, eagle-eyes. That's hardly fair, is it? Sympathy for the kid? I don't think so!!!


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It felt great to find something after dealing with my leg for 5 months. I'm surprised at how well we did and I can only hope we get that lucky next time we go out.


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OH OH! He's back! :sick0010:

Now we are going to have to watch out for you now that the crutches are gone. Looks like you are getting back into the groove pretty fast. Nice job Erik.

Aloha and be safe out there.

Stan aka Kaimi

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