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New to Forum Also, just bought a white's V Sat


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First off, Let me say Thanks to all who post here. I've been a lurker for a while, and enjoy the stories and photos and information. I just bought a new (relative word I guess) White's Goldmaster V-Sat. (270 shipped off of E-Bay) I'm pretty excited and can't wait to get out there and start a "poke" !! Hee hee.. :icon_mrgreen: I've been reading the manual and just bought myself a little nugget (1.5 grams) to practice with and learn on. I've also been researching and reading as much info as I can get my hands on. In my researching, i noticed some claims right here within a mile or two of my backdoor in Henderson NV. Right outside of Vegas. I also noticed some expired placer claims on the BLM site, and so I figured I'll start there. I think if there was gold there at some point, there probably still is. Anyway, just a quick hello, and hope to have a photo of my own to post before too long.

Tyler aka grammar g of Henderson NV

Also, anyone ever have any luck near Las Vegas??? (Finding Gold that is, not gambling) :innocent0009:

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I live in Kingman so that is not to far from ya...Welcome to the forums.

If you have any interests in hunting for meteorites then there is a hunt on the first weekend of Dec.

at Franconia......if interested I can give you directions on how to get there. About 40 miles the other side of Kingman AZ off of I-40.

There is plenty of info on this web site and maybe we can meet at Gold Basin some time.

You might want to check into a local club and there one called the GSSN (gold seekers of southern

NV) they have a web page too

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Hi Grammarg,

Welcome to the forum. The White's V-Sat is a good beginners machine and you can really find gold with it as long as you put the coil over the gold and of course the gold isn't too deep.

My advice. Read every book and website you can about nugget shooting. Then practice, practice and practice some more. Then go read some more and practice some more.

One can't play a musical instrument or be any good in sports without practice, practice, practice. This is the same thing.

Oh, once in a while a newbe will get lucky and find a piece of gold right away, but that second piece will come twice as hard. :grrr01:

As Rick stated. Join the local club. This is the fastest way to learn the ropes.

Good luck,


WSPA #99

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Well said Boorx4,even though the forym says your a green horn we all know that you've been over the hill and back.

Rick is right, GSSN has some good claims in your area. I detected a nice 10 grammer from the gold basin one a month ago. Theyalso have some claims in the Las Vegas area.

Harry :twocents:

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