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Now to build the ultimate Vacuum

lotsa luck

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Started a new project to make a vac pak I don't hate to use. The one I made last year works as well as others I have seen but still takes a long time to vacuum up a full bucket. I found a good deal on a large capacity Echo blower motor thats double the displacement of the retail vac pacs and now am working on the retrofit. I started off with a standard 5 gallon bucket but am now changing the design to attach the motor to a 10 gallon shop vac. Should suck pretty good once finished later in the week.

Opinions are welcome for do's and dont's...


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Just finished this project and will use it all weekend in the field to work out any bugs it may have. Tested it on a 5 gallon bucket of black sand dredge concentrates and emptied the bucket in 35 seconds. Then tried it on a 2.25" ball mill ball and sucked it right up in an instant. If you cover the end of the hose with your hand you can see the sides of the Shop Vac container compress in a half inch or so.

Watch out nuggets, here comes major suction!


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Any chance with the extra umph you might be blowing the lighter gold out? I've heard others have doubted the regular design and caught and panned what came out of the vaccum. Wondering if your super duper vaccum is letting any smaller gold go out the exhaust with the dust?

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Neato. Just curious since it has been brought up before.

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