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Ok everyone, I am looking at Arctic cats web site and they have a speed rack system with a dump bed for the atv and with the additional racks like the front rack wich can hold picks, shovels, etc and I am also looking at the prowler.

With the rack system they look like they can hold approximately the same. The atv front and side racks make up for the room you lose with the smaller dump style bed in the rear being 12 inches narrower. I am not sure you might even carry more on the atv. The atv I am looking at is two passenger so I do not lose that option either way.

The utv however will provide more stability and able to place a canvas on the roof to provide some shading and roll over protection. God forbid

I know everyone has their own brand of vehicle they prefer but that is not the question I have.

My question is will the atv provide me that much more access being more narrow and probably a more stable climber being able to shift weight etc. Or will I pretty much be able to get most places on the utv? from desert washes, ruts, hills, etc what has been your experience in hunting.

I am looking for opinions between the two vehicles, please interject. The prices are also the same or close enough. I will be using mostly around Arizona and So Cal

Thanks in advance

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My dad has a prowler and after 3000 miles it is in the shop, the gas gauge has never worked right and it even had shifting problems when it was new.

I have a Polaris X2 and have over 8800 miles and the only thing that has broke is the drive belt.

I replaced that by myself in about 15 min. The Polaris also has a dump bed that can double as a rear seat for a passenger and the X2 modle is street legal for 2 riders.

Racks cam be modified as you learn what ya need and where ya want it placed.

Just my opinion :icon_mrgreen: Happy Hunting

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NO Please, I appreciate your opinion. I have never owned a utv only atv's thats why I am asking.

More to the point though is the difference between the two types of vehicles, is there a greater advantage one way or the other?

Or is is close enough that it realy does not matter? for those who have experience driving or riding in both of them.

Hours and hours on atv's but I have never even rhode in a utv let alone driven one.

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