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Old time "Woody" Woodworth passed on.


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My old friend "Woody" Woodworth passed away Sunday at 4:00 pm. Woody was one of the first to use a metal detector to find gold nuggets. Woody and his buddy Herb Gibbons found a 12oz nugget with an old White's coin detector on one of their first trips. Woody also wrote articles for a couple of the treasure magazines, most notably "Western and Eastern Treasure magazine". He was a very good fellow and I'll miss him.

Rattlesnake Jim

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Jim... I know of your friendship with Woody and Herb... Herb was one of my adult

students when I was teaching "prospecting" for both Rialto and Fontana evening

classes. Woody came as a visitor with Herb several times.

This was in the fall of 1982. At this time Herb commuted from his home on Harvest St.

in Norwalk which was a "fair distance" from Rialto.

Hammer... I hope all is going well with you... Maybe I will see You at the GPAA gold show

that will be held at the San Bernardino Orange Show in January? I'm sure you

will see some old friends...

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Guest Potholes Bob-NM

The Lord having blessed me with good health, I never thought much about getting older, and

I'm now 72.

It was when one by one, my dear friends starting passing over that I felt sorrow.

When I thought deeply about this, I realize that my sorrow is for myself and my loss, because

I Know that my friends are now with the Lord forever, and so happy!

I really believe that the Lord makes this special place for us in heaven, and we can prospect in

beautiful deserts, or change the heavenly scenery and be any where we wish, doing anything

that we now enjoy.

Want to explore the Universe at instantaneous speed and time? No problem .

Then there are our precious pets that have passed on. They are God's special creation with

their own special soul (or spirit), and they will be there at heaven's entrance to guide us

across and into the presence of our Lord!


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Potholes Bob... You have a wonderful gift in being able to express your thoughts.

As we age, we lose more friends and relatives... their passing leaves us with a

larger void... an empty space... You even speak of the loss of precious pets...

All of which in such a comforting way... As I age, and miss old friends and

relatives; my thoughts turn to our great-grandchildren and how I will miss them

when I'm gone; and no longer here to comfort them when they need comforting.

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