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A Nam Veterans salute

El Dorado

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Thanks for posting that song, brings back memories of Nam and my 2 visits to the wall.

All those past and presant serving in our armed forces Welcome Home and Thank You.

Allen in MT

Combat wounded Memorial Day 1968. 1/20th, 11th LIB Americal Div. Viet Nam.

how about the rest of you??

Where and when

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Well I am new here as of today and a bit younger than you old salty dogs just 42 years old.

Here on this one to salute all who have served and honor Vietnam vets.

Been in country just not that one :innocent0009:

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Thank you, Allen, Steve, Bruce, L-T, Grubstake and all you other vets who have given so much for this country. You are heroes and millions of Americans are grateful to you.

Cheers, Unc

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A BIG MAHALO to all the Veterans from the past. Without you guys, I would not be enjoying my freedom.

Aloha and GOD BLESS! :yourock: :yourock:

Stan aka Kaimi

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Sooo long ago, how does it seem like just yesterday???? Proud to there and serve 620th tactical control sq, Dong Ha, RVN 67-69



So right you are. So long ago yet just like yesterday..........Blessings to all who made it home and double blessings to our brothers and sisters who happened to not make it home physically.


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