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Meteortie Cutting

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The first blade I tried was a cheap composite for masonary/tile/steel 2 to 4 dollars each. using water for a coolant.

They worked but their thickness approx. 1/8" cost too much meteorite loss.

Then I came across a diamond coated steel blade which is thinner and works as well or better with less loss of material, also still using water as a coolant. I tried an antifreeze mixture at first but its too rough on the skin, water seems to do as well.

Thats my experience with cutting meteorites and rock materials with an 8 inch lortone and a 1/3 horse motor an drive belt. :twocents:

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I use a 4"x0.004" blade (pro-slicer) to cut my small stones, they run about $25.00 at a local rock shop; and a 6"x0.006" (lapcraft lazer blade) for my larger stones. If you use thin blades you need to cut more slowly. Thinner is best, as they is less lost.

I use mineral oil as a coolant.

After the stone is cut, I clean it with alcohol and let is soak a bit in the alcohol, then I dry it with a hair dryer.

Sometimes it takes a while to get the oil out.

Good luck

Greg Stanley

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I also use the pro-slicer blades and really like them. Nice and thin and they last a while.

I simply use water with my 6" saw. Don't use city water as the chlorine and meteorites don't get along at all. If you're on city water, use distilled water.

Be careful, cutting them can be addictive - "Wonder what THAT one looks like inside..."


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Thank you all for the feed back and thanks once again Greg. I want to know what people use for there cuts to make sure I get it right and dont mess it up when i go to cut on my own.

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