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Aloha guys,

Yeah, you have to admit they are some fairly good looking pics BUT hey I live in Vegas and now that the hotel pools are open all I have to do is hop in my jeep and take a quick drive to one of them topless or "brazilian type" pools. Doc says my heart is strong and it has a good strong beat to it now. BOOYAH!!!!!!!!!!

Aloha from Vegas baby,

Stan aka Kaimi

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Well! That's It! I Gotta Move! :outtahere:

homefire....that's my ex-wife from Papua New Guinea...almost didn't recognizer her with a

bra on..... :Huh_anim]:


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Remember that Air Force Sergeant a couple of years ago who got a dishonorable discharge because she posed for Playboy?

...... Well..... here she is!

Air force demotes Playboy poser

Michelle Manhart defended her decision to pose

US Air Force Sergeant Michelle Manhart who posed nude for Playboy magazine has been removed from active duty and demoted.

The move reverts her to air national guard status, a move which has prompted her resignation, she says.

"I'm disappointed in our system. They went too far with it," she told the Associated Press news agency.

Ms Manhart appeared in the Playboy's February edition in a range of poses, some in uniform and striking a military pose, others while naked.

Ms Manhart had been a member of the Iowa air national guard before going on extended active duty with the air force...

In January, Ms Manhart was suspended! from duties while an investigation into the incident was carried out.

At the time the air force released a statement saying that her actions did not "meet the high standards we expect of our airmen".

However, Ms Manhart defended her decision to pose for the magazine, pointing out that she had served her country since 1994.

Believe me it's going to get much better.....


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Aloha Garimpo,

Kinda like Vegas? NO! It is Vegas baby. Bet you have never been to the Bare pool at the Rio. WOOF!

Aloha and bring a bib when you get to Vegas to catch all that drool. :laught16:


Stan aka Kaimi

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G'Day Everyone

Seems like you're all on a roll. Sorry for being absent for so long, but have been dealing with some PC maintenance. With that said, I want to wish everybody a Happy Memorial Day. I hope everything is working out for everyone.

As for Don, this is for you, mate. "Best Pool Shot by a Naked White Chick"




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COCK-A-DOODLE-DO......thanks for the poultry...looks like an old girl friend when I was a teen-

ager on the farm.....

In two life times ago I was a Sgt..guess that's why I like this one so much....a 20.7gr and a perfect




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Oi Isdig....where do you live?...what kind of detector do you have and when will you arrive in

Goiania?....maybe I can give you some tips on where to hunt......

Hello!!! I am living in Sao Paulo, but i am always in MG and GO. I have a X-Terra 70 with a 18.75KHz coil... and i'll expect to be arriving on July, maybe end of June.

I'll be going with a friend that also have a X-Terra (705)... we wish to stay one month in Goias, but we don't have a right place... maybe Uruaçu, Sao Jorge and another cities that we saw on a map of deposits (jazidas) .... what kinda tips you have to us??


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Oh... i forgot to say ... i am already trying and learning prospecting tips on rivers and bed rocks here in SP and south of MG ... but without success on nuggets, only trash and coins.

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Isdig....while your in MG ask a lot of questions to some of the older people there....find out where

the "garimperos" go to sleep in town....try to find out where there are Bandeirante digs on the

ranches ....then ask the ranch owners if you can hunt on their land...be sure to give them 10% of

your gold....MG has much more "slave digs" than GO....good luck....

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And what about GO ... because we really love the "Chapada dos Veadeiros" and need to go back there since its possible!

I have a little map.. of mineral deposits... that comprises cities like Itapirapuã, Itapuranga, Cidade de Goias ... near from uruaçu... and about Sao Jorge? we have friends there, so it's a right place to go!

good luck... to us! =)

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Aloha Johhno,

Now that is some chick! But can she cookl? :laught16:

Aloha and keep em coming.

Stan aka Kaimi

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Good thing about dredging is you get to see a beautiful river every morning....it's even more

beautiful when it flows through the middle of gold country for many miles AND listen to this....

it's never seen a dredge.....

Now as promised....our AF poster girl...at her best....try to remember the words to the Air Force's

song as you remember they kicked this Sgt. out of the service for these poses in Playboy...

probably a panel of impotent Coronels....



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I sure hope that is where we get to dredge.............

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