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Just for the record, and knowing I am a newbe on 'this' forum, I like the daily tasteful picture of the hotties. Some of these tasteful pictures are quite tasty. Just adds a little bit extra to the detecting, nothing wrong with that.

ps. that Pooh cartoon is hilarious.

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Glad you like the "health" pics Jim....if I'm still kicking come this Fri. I've got a special photo

shoot just to celebrate Mothers Day....

I laughed good and hard about the Pooh cartoon....reminds me of "friends" I have here....

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Hey there.. i'm brazilian and will be going to Goias on July... so, Garimpo, can you tell me where is that areas?? The cities, or places... do you went to or know the Sao Jorge's city?

I'm veryyy amazed about your finds... congrats!!! =)

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There are other good things in life besides gold...like meteorites...good health...trying to

remember what the other one is....oh well it'll come to me later...meanwhile enjoy deep




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Since Mothers Day is just a couple of days away....what better way to celebrate cyber space

wise than to post some "mothers"...of course keeping in mind are health so this is also a good

health practice...WARNING...if your ticker is weak or skips a beat now and then better not view

this up close....first is the Doctors finding about heavy breathing....then a "mother" of a nugget...

then not just one but ten "mothers"....enjoy the holiday and good health....




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Thanks, Garimpo!!!

Well after reading that news article I am pleased to know that I will live well beyond 100 years, maybe 200 years!!!! :innocent0009:

Then I saw that NUGGET and thought I was going to have a heart attack....breathe...breathe....look at breasts...look at breasts....DAMN that was a close one!!!!

Well now that the 10 Mothers have saved my life...I really like the Mother second one from the right, top row.... no wait a minute... the Mother second from the left, bottom row... no wait a minute....Damn I like them ALL!!!!! :woohoo: :bowdown: :bowdown:

Damn now you gone and done it Garimpo.... it will be a while before I can get up from this computer desk!!!! :WOW:

P.S. There is no car in the previous picture, I looked at it for hours, just thought I would let everyone know so they can stop looking!!!


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Maybe Bill could ad a drooling emoticon..........

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Greg.... your going to have to get her away from me first!

See what waiting will get you....beer and the girl...


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Back row, second from right.....

Optical illusion...she's just to the left of your waterfall....


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Hey Garimpo thats the one, she can go detecting with me anytime. :icon_mrgreen:

Steve you have a new vette so can I please have the girl?

Sure why not.... I am generous.

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