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Back to mining for a change....anybody want to venture a guess to it's value?...

2.25 KILOS.....


I would guess at three cows two goats and my wife, sorry can't give you the sheep means alot to me :laught16::laught16:

Cheers Johnno

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I think it may be worth about $5, but since I am such a good guy, I'll give you $10 next Tuesday.

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Sorry folks...I started this yesterday...April 1....hoping somebody would recognize the quartz and

PYRITE.....it doesn't belong to me but a guy here that uses it for a paper weight on his desk...

and believe me it is a beauty...

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Ever wonder what happened to those cute 'n' crazy, good lookin' young hippie chicks who smoked

weed, dropped Acid, got tattooed, and did every guy in the Age of Aquarius, back in the 60's?

Is this anyone you know? Try to think back Johnno and Mike...

Close ups are available only on request...


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