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Hey El Dorado and Snowflake....remember the house remodel going on across the street from

my house? It's only been going on for about two months now and their still delivering sand...rock

and other materials....



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Weird looking tree but the fruit is delicious

Posted Images

Man, there is only so much room in that backyard..... wonder what she is up to?

Another prospector came by to show off his finds


Two of the most handsome guys in Brazil!


Long story here. The person closest to the camera is Snowflake, please note the lenght of his shorts vs Don's past the knee style. Ken wore these all over the place. We noticed many staring at him. Don let this go on for awhile then told Ken that short shorts were a gay calling card! Loads and loads of laughs with that one! Almost as good as the Purple frog incident. Don took us to this bridge over the river to show the enormous untouched bedrock crevices........


A hitchiker


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Keep the pictures coming! This is the first thread that I check every day. I can't wait to check out those gold nuggets in person. See you soon. Take care.



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Matt, ya better hurry to see them, they may all be sold. OK some more pictures

I nice nugget, not mine....


Garimpo and Snowflake (in his short shorts) looking over some terrain on the way to the ranch


A tree that a panther may have staked it's territory on


The 50+ gram big boy


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Any of you folks ever wonder what it would be like to be standing at the very top of a mountain and

seeing pure fresh water flowing slowly from the rocks in the montain?....pure and sweet as water

can get....like looking into a mirrow.....


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Steve- That last nugget you show is fantastic looking speciment. :wubu: :wubu: Should be able to make a bundle on that one. Almost makes me think you could make a living buying those from the Brazilians and transport them out of the country. I cringe thinking about all those specimens that have been destroyed in that past. Keep the pictures coming..

Garimpo - That stream doesn't look that appealing and Im not sure I would drink out of it unless my life depended on it. :laught16:


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Having tasted cool artesian water during my trip, I will let you know this spring is a diamond in the rough...... especially on those humid 100+ days.............

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Goldfinger the water that you see in the pic has leaves in it that don't hurt anyting....the water

was coming out of the rocks in very small streams....finding artesian water like this is a great

experience...no additives....no clorine....just the purest water available and it's very scarce...

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I have been doing some serious work on my close up photography. Not only for nugget pictures but for my jewelry stuff too. It's been a long learning curve. Thought I would share my latest results....... This gold is really photogenic!




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Here's "snowflake" digging in his patch up on the side of the mountain....notice how high we are

above the Toyota....also this area of several hundred acres was burned off about a month before

we got there....before the burn it was difficult to even walk through the area.....



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Excellent photos and stories, visiting a foreign country always makes for grand adventures and to combine that with good friends and nugget hunting must be right up there with some of the best adventures. Thanks for sharing.

Rex B.

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Wet the appitite? He11 I am drooling all over the keyboard............. :flip1:

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Shopping for ......cooking.....and eating a Brazilian BBQ....PS...almost forgot...and cold beer...

Every Sunday morning at what is called the "fair" there is a gathering of vendors of all sorts of

food....if held in the USA it would be shut down within the first hour by the health dept.....but then

no one gets sick from it....the banks here are doing great....and the auto companies don't need

a bailout...who said "third world is all bad"....

The hanging meat line is at least 100 yards long....good stuff....my grand-son and his grand-ma

doing the buying for the BBQ....then Luis Fellipe finds his great grand-ma....then we go wondering

around for awhile....then it's off to the house of the other grand-pa...he's also the "chefe"....and he

also like his beer..especially when I'm buying....filets are looking good....ah yes and they taste

great....in my plate there are three egg shaped "fruits" called Pique...I love'em but El Dorado says

their to much work for so little food.....shortly after all of this it was time for the hammock test...

at 77°.....










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Don loved his Pique so much that we were constanly stopping to gather them.. here he is at it. One thing he did not tell about his favorite fruit... if you bite to hard into it, it is full of thorns!


Thought I would throw in a few pics of a river near Don's Town at Don's request. We went out to look at it one day to look at all the unworked bedrock cracks. The river was at it's lowest so we could see plenty.



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El Dorado I had to kind of hold back today...only ate about 11 Pique...had to share them with

LF....the exposed bed rock in the pics are not exposed any more....only the top half of the trees...

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