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Some of the slave digs I visited the other daypost-300-0-60790200-1318847014_thumb.jpg

they damned up the higher end probably to keep their screening drypost-300-0-80497000-1318847108_thumb.jpg

but after about an hour of snooping around with the GP3500 and the factory Minelab DD 11"

coil here's what the slaves missedpost-300-0-44342100-1318847190_thumb.jpg6.3grams....

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Give'm LL El D!!! Gitta luv that vet video,saw it before on the news but no music,which is better. Never mess with a vet as you'll liable to get what ya don't want, a good ol'fashioned smack down--GOD BLESS'M ALL-John

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Rolling hills of Brazil...nothing excitingpost-300-0-54158100-1334494430_thumb.jpg and a rare sight...

post-300-0-40033200-1334494503_thumb.jpg houses without walls around them...and behind those

cows is a charcoal factor...zoom to see the smoke stackspost-300-0-74318900-1334494602_thumb.jpg

A new (remodeled) Brazil gas station called a "posto"post-300-0-07288900-1334494805_thumb.jpg where

they check your oil...water....wash your wind shield...head lights and the car if their not too busy....

but wouldn't you expect that when their gas is 10.50 a gal....

Then if your in the market for some new cook ware here's where you can get it post-300-0-30404200-1334495175_thumb.jpg at the top is copper but most is aluminum(great for long term health :nutty: ) and on the right

hanging down is garlic....home grown right out of the fields....good stuff

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0-500 mph in 30 seconds....no it's not my 1967 Ford Fairlane Convertable.....Bucket take a deep breath

and hang on man

This is pretty COOL . Gotta hand it to the guys at NASA!!!

Here is something you don't get to see every day

Cameras mounted on the sides of the Space Shuttle booster tanks.

Notice when it breaks the sound barrier

Fantastic video.


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Like for you to meet the Chimbo tribe in PNG.....

The one in Red is the big chief...for 20 + years he was the foot police for Australia when they

owned Papua New Guinea....his tribe of Chimbo's of about 3,000 are scattered all down the

valley, his son Kim was my friend and host....the other men are village officials....the two women

sitting down in front are the village "criers"....when I arrived with Kim they cried....when I left

they cried....has something to do with tridition...like glad your here and sad your leaving....


In the lower pic is mostly family and trusted officials (also family) with the chief's son Kim standing

on my left....Kim had another brother who was a judge in town (150 miles away)....Kim also

had five wives in five different villages....

The hut in the background is called the "hause man) or man house....it's where all the men sleep

if they want to and the women are only allowed to enter for meetings and cook for the men at

night over coals in pits in the dirt floor.....if a woman enters the "hause man" while she is in her

period they kill her....

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Got my one mile walk in today since the rain hasn't started yet.....thought maybe you would like to

see the "free hospital" that I've mentioned before.....here is the frontpost-300-0-96351200-1358937482_thumb.jpgup

on the right side behind the red car....a blue "ear" is a public telephone in front of the emergency


Just around the corner is where the line normally forms starting at 0400 but today no crowds in

front or here in the rear.....post-300-0-34084200-1358937494_thumb.jpg

Reason no line is the free hospital is closed July-Dec-Jan because that's vacation time.....if your

sick enough to be brought in by car or ambulance then you get to use the front at the emergency

entrance.....waiting there is usually between an hour (seldom) and half a day (normal)....

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Steve if your sick enough they have one Doc on duty....if you can find him.....other than that go to any of about a

dozen Doc's at the regular hospital and pay them $180.00-$200.00 for a office visit....after you wait for half a day...

The drug store's here used to be a fair price and you didn't need a prescription except to get what the Doc order

for you....then about 8 years ago the Doc's got smart and adopted many ideas from their American Doc buddies....

now a prescription is necessary for most anything....also Doc's don't generally give shots....the Doc writes a

prescription ($200.00) and then you take that to the drug store of your choosing...about 20 in this small town....

then you pay them for the meds and they give you the shot.....

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Ah yes the food fair... Great memories, especially of the watermelon guy!

Edited by El Dorado
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Here's a pic of a couple of boys getting ready to feed their faces in Moore, Ok....

The little guy is my grand-son Luis Fellipe, 10 years old....

The big boy is our one and only member "butthead" from Boulder City, NV....


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Hey I recognize those two guys.

Sure was nice to meet you Don, thanks for taking the time to visit.

It was my pleasure Gregg but if you didn't have the Minelab cap on I would not have recognized you without your beard...

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A lot of different veggies and fruits here. This is the Jabuticaba tree that has the fruit growing out of the skin of the tree.

This is the first part it starts as a cluster of very little fuzzy stuff....


out of that then comes the fruit but if it's green don't eat it...


Now when the fruit is black it's ready for a good treat....it has one seed and a lot of pulp that is very good.


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