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Typical Texas Baby Boy

A Texan is drinking in a New York bar when he had a call on his cell phone.

He hangs up, grinning from ear to ear, and orders a round of drinks for everybody in the bar announcing his wife has produced a typical Texas baby boy weighing 25 pounds.

Nobody can believe that any new baby can weigh in at 25 pounds,but the Texan just shrugs, "That's about average down home, folks, like I said, my boy's a typical Texasbaby boy. "

Congratulations showered him from al l around, and many exclamations of "WOW!" We heard one woman actually fainted due to sympathy pains.

Two weeks later he returns to the bar. The bartender says, "Say you're the father of that typical Texas baby that weighed 25 pounds at birth. Everybody's been making bets about how big he'd be in two weeks. So how much does he weigh now?

The proud father answers,"Seventeen pounds." The bartender is puzzled, concerned, and a littlesuspicious. "What happened? He already weighed 25 pounds the day he was born!"

The Texas father takes a slow swig from his long-neck Lone Star beer, wipes his lips on his shirt sleeve,leans into the bartender and proudly says, ..........."Had'm circumcised."

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Don, just sent this to a friend of mine who just had a son in Texas asking what the weight was.

And also, I have these square stones all around the house, somebody told me they call them bricks. What do they indicate??



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Yes the limonite cubes are common in Qzite. There is also a concentration of them west of Blythe where there is no gold, that I can find in research anyways. The indians used them for money from what I have heard.


There's a link to an article on them in the mccoy mts

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Bricks are an indication that your paying to much for a roof over your head Johnno...

Thanks for the info jag....

No bricks here but they do have a roof ....well sort of....

One of the little square things....bad photography....



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Something new for the lonely prospector....

Ladies can keep their vibrators.

Men now have their doll from Sweden. These are pictures of a Swedish doll made of silicone....

Sizes vary from 1.50 to 1.75m. The texture of the skin is similar to 99.8% OF THE HUMAN SKIN. It will last two years if us ed const antly and consistently everyday.

Completely adjustable to any position you want. 100 sensors spread around the body. There are 30 sensors on the private parts. Each sensor makes her move in a specific way, up to 20 positions.

On penetration she emits a light gentle sound that echoes gently in our ears. Comes with inbuilt sound in the throat and recognizes up to 16 commands that are extremely personal up to two meters away from her ears.

When there is any type of pulsation sens ed in her private parts she emits light moans of stimulation.Above all that she gets wet with a slight touch over any of the sensors

Most important she has a voice password which should be protected from disclosure

Principal characteristics:

She has three entries

(vaginal , anal, and oral)

She can move her head in any direction you choose

Completely customizable to your liking so you can choose the following: SIZE, HEIGHT, SKIN COLOR, EYES COLOR, HAIR COLOR, PUBIC HAIR COLOR, OR C OMPLETELY SHAVEN.



She is not electric, She does not speak, She does not get fat, She never has periods, She does not pass gas, She never goes shopping, She does not get pregnant, She does not have a mother, She never ever gets headaches, She does not go to the hairdresser, She does not watch soaps or Oprah, She does not care what we watch on TV, She does not frequent internet chat rooms, She will never get elderly human physical attributes, She will not get jealous if you bring home another woman,She will not nag if you go out and she won't care when you return


Costs $6000 still cheep considering divorce costs or dating these days



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Update to post #26...here a restoration can easily take up to six months which this one

did...the carpenters here don't use electric tools...they use hand saws...claw hammers...

brace & bit...and mix the concrete in a pile in the street in front of the house...since

the houses here are about 95% concrete that's a lot of concrete on the street...which

helps preserve the asphalt street...this house was really drab looking before with a lot

of dirt for a yard...not one sprig of grass...now the entire yard is concrete...even the

wide area between the fence and the house that's large enough to drive a car into...

This whole project just shows that when you pick the right political party to campaign for

it can pay big...before the lady was a school secetary....he was a prospector....now she

has a high paying job in the new Mayors office and he is employed by one of the gold mines

here as an accountant....prosperty has hit!!!!

post-300-098587700 1282941186_thumb.jpg

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<!--sizeo:3--><span style="font-size:12pt;line-height:100%"><!--/sizeo-->A CAT NAMED LUCKY...<!--sizec--></span><!--/sizec-->

If you are you expecting a heart-wrenching story

about a cat that got run over by a truck,

lost a leg and dragged himself 100 kilometres

after being bitten by a snake?

<!--sizeo:4--><span style="font-size:14pt;line-height:100%"><!--/sizeo-->W R O N G! <!--sizec--></span><!--/sizec-->

Wish i was that lucky.

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Just barely survived the 600 mile trip up North...saw three tractor

trailer rigs in the ditch...two were alone probably asleep at the

wheel...the other had just hit a car full of people head on on the

passenger side of the car...the accident was out in the open and

one ambulance got there about five minutes before I did...they had

the semi driver on the stretcher(alive) but the people in the car

looked to be all dead the way the car was crushed half way in...

also saw one tour bus kiss a motorcycle head on...the pieces of

bike were about 10 feet out the back of the bus...the biker was

there by the bike...he looked just like a glob of road kill...

Sat. we drove the 23 miles over to the river where the son-in-law

used to live...they all went swimming in the river..about 1/4 mile

across since the tide was out...post-300-014316200 1283788952_thumb.jpg

the car ferry had just left our sidepost-300-038737600 1283789000_thumb.jpg

it takes him about five minutes to get across where there's almost

always cars waitingpost-300-021427000 1283789070_thumb.jpg

They don't have to wait much longer...he's almost there....

post-300-060272800 1283789517_thumb.jpg

by night fall the water is up to where the red car is parked...

post-300-075509300 1283789199_thumb.jpg

then it's always party down time!!!!1

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Glad to see this post is alive again. Guess I will have to come down again so I can get more pictures( and the good stuff) to post.....

post-1252-046003800 1283878341_thumb.jpg

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Sturdy looking boy... What is this steady rain you speak of? I have heard others talk of it.... :rolleyes:

A steady rain is one that when it starts it's close to a down pour and it doesn't slack up

or get worse for two or three or four or five days...AND NIGHTS!!!!

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