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Training Nate

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Hi All

A few days ago Nate (you know the guy who can't write)came over to the house and I cut and polished one of his gold basins for him :innocent0002: . While he was here he got to sample some fossilized dino crap :Huh_anim]: . Now most people kring a little when you tell them what they just licked ,not Nate :hmmmmmm: !! I was fearing for my specimen I actually think he liked it and was gonna take a big bite out it :POsmiley01: !! I actually had to take it away from him forcefully :shrug: !! Well besides likeing copralites Nate liked some of my space rocks :unsure: . Thanks Nate for the ride to the meeting :scare: !! Happy Huntin John B.

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:laught16::laught16: Thats funny John!

I could have sworn I saw him picking up and licking bunny turds when I was hunting with him during the outing. I was convinced he was preparing for Holbrook! :laught16:


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