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Another trip to Gold Basin


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Howdy All, Maureen and i 88.6 gm GB meteoritemade our second trip to GB this fall. Four hrs. of detecting and a hand full of scrap metalfor Me. Four hrs. of detecting for Maureen and alot of trash ++ a 88.6 gm. GB meteorite. then she took on a old drywash pile and got a .6 GM> piece of that YELLER METAL. No skunk for that girl today. Said she loves those caceless drywashers.I must hurry now as Mrs. P has supper on the table.

Take care Harry and Maureen



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Shep,Maureen also fixes Breakfast, packs a lunch And drives me to the goldfeilds while I sleep on the way so that I'm rested up for a hard day of detecting.Yes Shep I'm one lucky guy.

Fred Maureen is using My old GP extreme with a 14''NF elip. coil.


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NICE! Gold and a meteorite... Doens't get any better than that (except for maybe a lunker).

Harry that 14" NF Elliptical Mono coil is deadly at GB; I couldn't imagine using anything else for hunting space rocks. :headphones:



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Wow and she cooks too! :woohoo: What a catch you have there guy, you are truly one lucky fella.

You go girl!!!!! :bowdown:


Stan aka Kaimi

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