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Help Identifying a Strange Franconia Iron

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G'Day All

I am putting this here to help out Paul, let me know and I will get back to him.



Dear List,

Jim and I have have just returned from Franconia where I found a new

iron that looks like it was dropped by someone a while ago. If anyone

recognizes it please contact me off list so I can ship to the rightful

owner. http://www.meteorite.com/franconia_find.jpg

Thank you,


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There's a NWA 4292 that's nicknamed "Old Yeller" although it's a stony, there may be a component attached to this Iron. I also noticed what looked like a "rare earth" component on the opposite end. Hope this helps :coffeetime: :laught16::laught16::laught16::laught16:

jim "bones" :outtahere:

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When I first saw that over on the Meteorite List, I sorta figgered it was just a piece of the train wreck....... But after looking at it a second time, I am gonna go way out on a limb and identify it as an oriented piece of some unknown iron ass-troid or sumtin or another....... :laught16:

Seems like I remember someone mentioning losing their digging tool down there. Speak up, Erik or Kaimi.............


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I don't know for some reason that looks a little familiar. :hmmmmmm:

Now if somebody would just find my darn Magellan Explorist GPS because it's out there somewhere. :grrr01:


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hey Del, didn't you lose a bottle of irons too???


Yeah Fred, they were found by Nate who was honest enough to contact me and return them. What an honest dude! :innocent0002:

Of course after he found my iron bottle, he also found one of my patches and proceeded to pull a couple hundred grams out of it. :laught16: I knew I had a little bit more work to do there but Nate beat me to it. :grrr01: When he asked me about the patch of course I had to lie and tell him he wasn't even close. :innocent0009: :laught16:


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Yep Jim I did lose a digging tool but I actually found it several months later still sticking in the ground and proceeded to grid the area for more of the irons I originally found while hunting with Del. Man I love that BIG coil. I havnt used the stock coil on my GMT for over a year now. Looking forward to trying it once again at Gold Basin in a week or two. for several days.

Aloha and be safe out there guys,

Stan aka Kaimi

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