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No Thanks from John B

Jim B

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Hi All

Jim and I have travelled the West prospecting and have met a lot of nice people, but John B takes the cake. I felt so sorry for him, since he missed the chili and the steak fry. I gave him a nice bowl of beef stew, and all I get is grief. On top of it, that was after he made Jim sick with his "Moon over Gold Basin" routine. Then he sabbotages Jim's detector. But Jim still beat him, and it wasn't from John laughing too hard. Oh Well! Life without John B sure would be boring.

Vicki B ( the better Half)

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Hi Vicki,

I was wondering why there was nothing said about the BIG Coin Shoot at Laughlin. :icon_mrgreen:

So Jimmy beat the crap out of JohnB? :innocent0009: News like that should not be suppressed!!

Congrats to Mr.B !!!! :whoopie: :whoopie: :ROFL: :woohoo:

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Hi Vickie, Jim, Roger and All

Well Vickie it was kinda a nice gesture with some sarcasm included :POsmiley01: !! Hey messin with Jimmys beeper was hysterical it was almost as much as moonen him :laught16: . Jim is a good sport and a lota laughs and I always have fun and beer for him when I know he'll be there :innocent0009: !! When I mooned him he told me he woke up every morning next to one of them :shrug: ?? Does he sleep next to a picture of Mr America, Elvis or Paul newman :confused0013: ?? I'm not sure what he ment by that, but maybe he could explain it to us :hmmmmmm: ?? Of course you know I'm just kidding :Huh_anim]: !! Roger, Jim and I both lost the competition hunt !! He had a confused look on his face :confused0013: even after I told him and I was rolling in the sand laughing :laught16: !! Happy Huntin John B.

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Thank you for pointing this out Vicki B.

Folks, if you haven't met John B you might be puzzled by what you read about him in these forums and some of the things he writes. He has pulled off some outrageous stunts. The man is FUNNY. The 1st time I met him I was rolling on the ground LMAO like everyone else when he got his big ass stuck in Roger's $169 recliner.

This "Moon Over Gold Basin" thing tops everything I've ever heard of him doing. You see, John B has Zachary Disease. He was diagnosed by a Chinese doctor who told him he had the worst case he ever seen. Like most people, John B had never heard of Zachary disease so he asked the Dr. what it was...

The Chinese Dr. replied, "Zachary Disease: When your face look zachary like your ass!" :laught16: and it is folks, it's this :woohoo: freaking wide! :laught16::laught16:

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Slim, you've been in the hills too long! Valley people are very sensitive.

I knew when I first set eyes on John B, that there was something different. Now I know the medical term. In fact, I know several inflicted with that disease! I just assumed it was the roll of the dice for some. I mean, not everyone can be as cute as Nugget and I :innocent0009:

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Hi All

Shep I have a dog that looked kinda like you :yikes: !! So in an effort to improve his looks I shaved his ass and tough him to walk backwards :whatever: !! Now the poor pooch walks and looks just like Slim :Huh_anim]: !! A couple years ago I tried to give him away free with a gold collar, years supply of dog food and flea collars :comp: !! A couple of you guys wanted the gold collar and flea collars to add some class and for personal hygene reasons :hmmmmmm: . But no one wanted the poor homely pooch :shrug: !! He's sooooo homely and I feel so sorry for him I kept him out of pity :cry2: !! I would post a picture of him before (Sheps look) and after the tranformation to the Dakota Slim look but Billy's forum members would die off or bail from here with nightmares :outtahere: ! Happy Huntin John B.

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Hi all, :innocent0009:

Since it appears that John B. is in for a ball bustin', please allow me to give you an update on my treatment at


That is "Dino Doody Lickers Anonymous" for you gentle souls who have yet to be afflicted with this habit.

After being peer pressured, "by John B!", into a lick off a T-Rex turd, I have been obsessed ever after.

Oh sure, you tell yourself, not me, I'll never do it! It's at that moment, out of a dark alley way that John shows up with the goods stashed in a pocket of his over coat. Then your just hooked!

Through months of grueling mental therapy, "and some mild shock treatments" my team of doctors and counsellors have helped me to stop licking random Dino Doody looking rocks. :grrr01:

And I thought smoking was tough! Sheesh :rofl2:

Other than the fact that he is a Dino Doody Pusher, he's really a peach!

Sean in AZ

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