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Drywasher Old AN New tecnology

frank c

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Heres my first attempt at a drywasher, it turned out just perfect mechanically. The tray and pulley assembly was made by a member of our local club, Mohave Prospectors, he builds complete wooden units, it was passed on to me and I designed the rest of it.

The tray, and stand are wood with aluminum cross struts to lock the legs in place.

The hopper assembly is made from a composite plastic water meter box available in any home store with a five gallon bucket cut in half mounted within the bottom of the box. A feed hole was cut into the bottom of the bucket and a aluminun slide plate attached to it to regulate the flow of material.

I added a tapper lever to the hopper to use when rocks plug up the flow.

First run was dry panned and 13 birdshot were in the material that I ran and 13 dry panned out.

Then I did 2 more test runs with the 13 birdshot an wet panned and each time all 13 were in the pan.

I'd say the end result is as good as it gets. Even if it looks a little "OKIE" as John B. says, it performs as well or better than "STORE BOUGHT". :laught16:

I posted this to give others the idea you can do it at a fraction of the cost of commercial built units and achieve satisfying results.

And also because "I LOVE TO TINKER" with things all the time.



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Un-fortunately almost all of the old posts had the pictures gone for good :(

Only left the text of the posts !! Wonder why !!

It's because Frank either deleted the images from his Photobucket account or moved them into another album, which would change the link he used when he posted them in this thread.

You could sent him a PM and he can either send you the images or edit his post above with new Photobucket link/s, if he still has the images on his present computer and or his Photobucket account, this topic is 6 years old, so I'm not sure if he would still have the images.

If you contact him make sure you include a link to this topic so he will know which images you're looking for.

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