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Whoosies, Moons, Beef stew and Good Times

John B.

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Hi All

I got a late start to the Gold Basin wing ding and didn't arrive till saterday evening :PO2: . After a long day at a meeting on the Coronado hunt in Tucson I finnaly made Gold Basin around 9 pm :shrug: . Promptly sunday morning I slamed my finger in the hemi door leaving it trobbing for 2 days :angry-smiley-010: . At least I got a good dinner the night before Thanks Fred and Roger :wubu: !! On my way up I get a call from my pal Roger giving me an alcohol order for our own camp lush Jim B. and others :hmmmmmm: . I guess he ran the camp dry beggin beers :Huh_anim]: ??? After 2 days nursing my finger back to health and riding around in Rogers dust mobile my fingers feelin pretty but I'm chocking up dirt balls :sick0021: !! One afternoon riding back to camp a gust of fresh un dusted air came in my side of the dust mobile :confused0013: !! I thought I actully saw something out the windshield so I wiped a clear spot in the dust and sure enough it's Jim B. headed up the road. So I told Roger to stop so I could moon Jim :whatever: . The next day Jim tells me his lovely wife Vicky has a suprise for me :innocent0002: !! Man I'm thinking Cakes Cookies or some of her famous Guacamole dip :woohoo: !! Well I finally got it a small tin of nutra systems beef stew :no: . Heck I already have a trailer load of that stuff. Well I can assure you all from my first hand experience that Rogers pointy finger is only good for pickin his nose :boorb: . It won't find anything so the last day at GB I had to point Roger where he could actually find a few space rocks :unsure: !! What I would really like to know is what the heck happened to Mike C and the Laughlin coin hunt :hmmmmmm: ?? Were you just too scared to show up for the spankin :scare: ?? Heck I taped a Dime and I wedged a nickle in the top of Jim B.s coils and he actually beat me in that hunt :laught16: !! I guess I was laughen to hard !! Soooooo Mike C. you a chicken or :poke: ????? Well it was fun to see many of you again and razz a few newbies I had a great time :whoopie: !! Happy Huntin John B.

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Pointy finger bent :Huh_anim]: Caught in the door; I'm sure you have full coverage to repair Dodge door.

Sounded like everyone else had a good time. Also sounds like you should of had one of those beers you delivered, OR maybe that was the problem, you did!


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Well JB when I heard that you hurt your finger I thought what fun is going to be beatin up on a handicapped person with my toysoro :innocent0009: I appreciate the offer that you and Mike made to me and it was really tempting :headphones: maybe next year :tisc-tisc: when is your club going to hold their hunt :confused0013: --it sure sounds like I missed out on a good time both the outing and the coin hunt :grrr01: -Mike C... :ph34r2:

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