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Sunday I was working in my yard and using my large Hermit Pick in a very demeaning manner...yard work is demeaning to a prospecting tool. Anyway I was chopping at a plastic pipe and then prying on the same pipe with said pick...just as I was thinking, perhaps this is not the best idea, the corner of the pick which was under considerable tension flipped a load of rocks right at my left eye. Bullseye, er...Fred's Eye!!! I immediately stumbled to a hose and flushed my eye, then I went and flooded the eye with eye drops then I spent the day in a chair nursing my poor little eye...all because I was foolish and careless with a very fine tool. I am ok today...it could have been way bad...the pipe is waiting for the proper tool for the job and the hermit pick is still laughing it's handle off...A smart person would have wore googles...

if I only had a brain....


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Yeah Fred,if your sampling or digging on a quartz vein...beware of the the same result as yours or worse.Those Estwings are great picks and an invitation for a black eye patch,even for a seasoned prospector........Dave

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Ouch Fred! You're bloody lucky mate. I worked with a guy back in NZ in my teens, and he was using a milling saw ( push long lengths of timber onto the blade ) and he use to scoff at the idea of using goggles. One day I was looking out the window and heard a bang......I see him stagger out the door holding his face and another mate picking something of the floor of the workshop......yep....his eye. Length of timber exploded when it hit the saw and pieces came back out.

HH - Johnny

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