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Hunting old mine cabins

Allen in MT

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Was out to a friends private claims and was running around looking for all the remnants of old mining cabin sites which there are quit a number spread over the mountain. Was a nice day in the 50's with a slight breeze. Found one site that he new about that was the site of the 1st cabin on the claims about mid 1860's, the place was lived in till the early teens. Found one of the old outhouses and started digging it out looking for old bottles, didn't find any, did some detecting, nothing.

Anyway we ran across this black bear 2 times in the same spot and noticed a bunch of ravens in the trees, so we investigated and found a whitetail deer carcus that the bear was eating on. On the way out we decieded to take another look at it and found that the bear had covered it with dirt, bark and pine needles for a future meal. He was probably off in the bushes watching us but I had never seen anything like this before. The bear was to spooky and fast to get a good picture.

Back to the task at hand we did manage to GPS 6 sites with many more to do and then will GPS all the prospect holes and mines and put them on a map just for something to do. There was mining all over this place and at one time there were several thousand people here.

enjoy and hagd

Allen in MT


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Putting all that data on a map sounds like neato fun to me man. I love stuff like that. I seek patterns in everything.

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Aloha Allen,

Just FYI, I also have been doing some outhouse digging and have found that the last outhouse we dug yeiled nothing of value. We then looked at the area very carefully and determined that the outhouse had been moved several times. After the second hole we hit the jackpot. Loads of old bottles and even an old miners lamp. This might have been the trash hole as well as the outhouse. I would go back and double check them spots.

Good luck.


Stan aka Kaimi

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