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Fred's version of Chili Verde


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For those that enjoyed the chili I will attach the recipe...I hope. Hot darn, it worked!!! if you need clarification just ask.

My thanks to Bill Southern for making this happen, Rodger for being the gentleman and great host that he is, Jim smaller for the tasty wings...and to all other contributors for the Friday and Saturday feed-for-all....yum, yum!



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Fred & the rest of you good people that put food on the table...........

What can a fella say.......besides........THANKS.....for stepping up with that superb pot of chili and also the pot of beans. That recipe is going into the favorites section of our home made tummy ticklin food recipe book. You and Roger make a good team, gotta keep Jim B. around also, he was busy stirring the chili all afternoon. I am thinking that Rogers Bar and Bordello, combined with your good food, on wheels, would be a winning proposition at the political rallys :smack: as well as the gold and meteorite get togethers :laught16:

I also got away with another good recipe, Jim B.'s better half gave me the recipe for that delicious dip that she provided for us. Didn't think that Jim B. was going to leave any for the rest of us, his explanation for that.....(She won't make a batch for me).......... BEG, PLEAD and then BEG some more. If that doesn't work, get the recipe like I did and make your own..... :innocent0009:

Some one put a big container of home made salsa on the table, It got worked over pretty good and was darn good.

Frank C. stayed out of his wife's way this year and her dip in a bread container was superb. She also passed around some really good nut bread. No wonder your packing around a couple extra pounds Frank, that isn't what made the air matress go flat, now is it??? Think that you could give me that recipe at the next MPA meeting......?

Thanks to everyone that put the vittles on the table, I am wearing some of them...... :chowtime:


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Hey thanks for the chilie verde recipe...

One can never have too many chili recipes,

And the family ones are even more special!

Can't wait to try it out!


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