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Well did not make it up to gold basin but did get out with a friend to Franconia and Wow is it getting slim pickins over there! I got skunked the 1st day but Ill let thim make the post of his find! :innocent0009: ...... Then last night enjoyin some brews and the fire I walked over to the truck door then back around to my chair to find a rattlesnake spring up and so did I I screamed like a B:"@"" .darn snakes! Managed to sneak out a small 4.7 grams iron by today so it made the trip. Hope all was well up north cant wait to see the finds!

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Yes indeed a 4.7 gram sized iron is great. Man, did you really have to mention the "S" word? And people wonder why I leave my snake chaps on most of the time.

Aloha and definitely be safe out there.

Stan aka Kaimi

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4.7 grams is nice; I've heard most are quite small. I stopped at Franconia for a day (Thursday) before going to GB and popped out a 2.6 gram Iron and a ~10 gram chondrite; no snakes though. I think it's a gun metal iron because it's reddish in its raw state - kinda shaped like a bean.

- Greg S

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Congratulations on a very nice find, a 4.7 gram SAC005 is in the 1 % and below category, there have been times that I have found 3 or 4 hundred before finding one that big. You are absolutely correct, most all the gun metal blue ones are under a gram. Nice looking sidewinder, glad that you were not a victim of his ambush.


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Well Billy has been begging me to get a post up on our Hunt at Franconia, this was my first trip there and really didn’t know what to expect. We got there late and set up camp and burned all the wood we had and finally realized it was bed time at 2am. We got a late start on the day and it was already freaking hot. We started out not far from the rail crossing on the west end I think I hunted for about an hour and got the first one for the trip a real nice. 2.1Gram Iron. Nice little guy. I had lost Billy so I went in search of him and finally met up with him near the Avenues. We proceeded farther west and decided to hunt a mesa together. about and hour hunting side by side I decided to walk and detect up to him as I worked my way up to him I got a whopping signal. I looked down and sitting right on the ground a 354.2 Gram chondorite. man as it nice BUT If I had not made my way up to him I know that with out a doubt he would have hit it, I felt pretty bad about it, I offered to give him the smaller piece but we both decided it was best to keep it together. All the pieces were lying right there they all fit like a little puzzle. Pretty darn cool.

That night we went back to camp and were both beat 6.5 miles of detecting kicked our tails. Billy got out of his chair and asked me a question and went to go around the side of the truck and all I heard was holy F*&^ and then I though I saw superman flying through the air. Billy jumped up on the tailgate faster than I have seen any big man move it was quite funny. You’re a hoot Billy

Thanks for the fun HOT trip. Lets do it again soon.

Here are a few pictures.

Travis Brown

Oh buy the way the 354.2 gram is for sale if anyone has an intrest in it , I am only asking $1.25 per gram.Call if intrested 623-670-9732





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thats a sweet meteorite for sure! Nice irons as well. Congrats to you and Billy. Not to shabby for your first hunt to Franconia!

106 degrees! wow! that is some heat. I guess I am spoiled with the cool mountain air here.


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So.........? Did I miss something here? Did we finally get the Irons classification back? SAC005? Is this classification for all the irons from this field? I also know there is a buck skin mountain somewhere around there, is this on the south side.?

Thanks Billy


Yes, after pushing hard for quite some time, it was approved on 1-14-08........

This does cover all the extra terrestrial irons being found at Franconia.

Here is a link to the classification............


Not sure what the buck skin mountain is that you refer to......There is a Buck Mountain Wash H3-5, I believe that it came off the South side

Also.......Buck Mountains 001 H6.........Another of my finds...Larry Sloan had it classified. South side...

Buck Mountains 002 L6............... and Buck Mountains 003, another L6..........

The iron that I had classified, came off the south side, the L's are all on the south side.

There are a total of 12 classifications within the Franconia strewnfield as it is deplicted on my map.....

To view all 12 classifications, click on the link and then type 20 in the Proximity search box, that will pull up all meteorites that are classified within 20 km of my SAC005 classification.


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Thanks Dean had a great time, you are going to have to make it over here before they are all gone, This was my first trip there and Billy said its not what it used to be, so the finds I guess are going to get even more slim.

Thanks Billy for the trip, It was a good time other than a cracked tooth that was KILLING ME. had the Root canal done on monday and it still feels like CRAP.

Gotta get back soon so we can see more Sidewinders. :innocent0009: :laught16:


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