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Chile trip report and id rock pleas

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Hi guys.. February this year I went with an uncle on a very short expedition to find meteorites in Northern Chile. Our first stop was at the famous Imilac strewnfield. I knew it would be very hard to find anything, plus we didn't come prepared with any modern tools to find them. We ended up gathering some metallic dust in the area. I found this odd looking rock in the area but it didn't look anything like the Imilac meteorites. It was magnetic though..After that we went to the Quillagua meteorite impacts. There were three impacts. It looked like no material was left behind. Almost all of the rocks in the area were burnt from the impact. All in all it was fun trip but I am bit sadden since I come back empty handed and knowing a long time will pass for my next visit. Here is the pic of the mystery rock and the Quillagua impacts..







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I actually don't have a way to weigh the rock.. I didn't even take an in-situ pic of the rock because I thought it was definitely not a meteorite and it was a just a rock I found at Imilac. hmmmm I probably should of.. I will try to find a way to weigh it..

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Aloha Felipe,

Just like Wayne said: It sure looks nice to me also. Fusion crust right up to the edges of the breaks. Now if you can just cut a window into the side we should see some further evidence tht it is a meteorite. If push comes to shove just go to a post office and ask "real nice" if they would provide you with a weight.


Stan aka Kaimi

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Hi Felipe, that's a very nice find! Congradulations!

Erik, no way anyone is going to take you up on that bet!


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Hey Felipe,

It is a meteorite. In your photos I can see both primary and secondary fusion crust. It has a nice patina from being there a while that may have thrown you off but, it's definately a keeper. Congratulations.


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