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How are you doing?

I haven't bought the mule yet,but sure thinking about it. :innocent0009:

I told my wife the same thing,and she said she knows how I think.

Said I was thinking about what to hock to pay for it and how long it

would take to go get it. :laught16:

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Greg,in California that Mule may soon be required to wear a diaper :Huh_anim]: ....Kuger has done some muleing for me,carries a great big load,but he don't like grain......gotta feed him only highgrade specie :laught16::laught16: ..........Dave

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Hi - Yes, he is cute as a bug. Really nice looking. I have a quarter horse that has those zebra dun markings - same stripes on his legs and sides, with strips down his back. Yes, hay is really expensive right now, but they are worth it!! How is his personality and what is his name?


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Dave I would let the halfwit that insisted on the diaper show me

how to put it on the mule. I bet they would change their mind before

they hit the ground. :laught16:

Beeper Bob This is just one of a few mules I am looking at. She is

four years old and just green broke. They say she is pretty gentle. :ph34r2:

I am looking at a few other mules before I buy one,but something

keeps drawing me back to this one.The guy that owns the Grand Canyon

mules just lives about 30 miles from here. I know him pretty well and I

am going to check out some of his stock first.

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:laught16: Yea Dave I am not too fond of grain!!But couldnt we pack some rock out with one of those!!Man Sawmill a freind of mine just retired two mules from his string,and gave them to another friend of ours,they are saddle broke and still have years left on em.I have had some good ones,and preferred riding them over a horse in rough country,I have had them in places that we probably shouldnt have been and had them pack elk out of country that I would have not been able to get out any other way.Hunted lions and ran high country traplines with them too,oh the memories!!Hey if you get the chance you should go to Mule Days in Bishop Calif. Memorial Day weekend....it will give you a whole new opinion of a mule!!!Any way take care!!
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I have been around mules all my life.

I have a job in mind for a mule. That is why I am checking them out pretty

close before just buying one. Mules can get spoiled real fast in the wrong

hands. Ain't nothing worse than being in the middle of nowhere and depending

on a spoiled mule with lots of bad habits.

I have had lots of real good horses including two mustangs that could get

around like a house cat,and were totally dependable in any situation.

But since I have got old,slow,and contrary,I would probably get along better

with a mule. :laught16:

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You should have said Quad Mule!

Chuck Anders

PS Be sure to carry a gun with you so when it runs off you can shoot it to get your eguipement back. I know a guy that had to do just that are starve.They may be half ass but sometimes they can be all ass but you can't beat them when it comes to hard work.

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That was funny as hell ,but totally accurate. :laught16:

A friend of mine packs dudes into camp sites.

He got a new mule that was supposed to really

be a dandy pack mule. He was a great big red

john mule about 8 years old.

I played with him in the corral the day after he

showed up. The mule would get all stiff legged

and hunch up just when someone got close. I

told my buddy he may want to try the mule before

putting him in the string.

Well he had a group coming in and got in a hurry

and decided to put ole red in the string.

Darn near had to hogtie him to get the pack on.

They had him snubbed up pretty tight and got him

untracked without a rodeo.

But about a hundred yards down the trail the mule

had a come apart and decided to quit the country.

When they finally caught him he had rolled over

the pack and had left a trail of what was left of

over $10,000.00 worth of high dollar cameras. :laught16:

Come to find out that mule had only been

broke to lead a week before he was sold,never was

under a pack.

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