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Zaya's finds his first Meteorite!!!

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Hello all

Well I finally had a chance to take my grandson Zaya out again this past Saturday. After many trips we have made together hunting for meteorites, he has finally done it!! In the early afternoon after both digging many targets to no avail, Zaya finds his first siderite! :woohoo: He then finds a second not to far away from his first about an hour later. What a happy camper Zaya is.

I am sure Zaya is hooked and judging from his smiles......well you be the judge after you take a peek at his photos. If you notice in the second photo he didn't look to happy when he got this signal. after quite a few trips of digging foil, nails, buttons, bullets and you know all the stuff we all dig up im sure he thought it was another piece of foil.

Zaya is going to have his aunt Celina make a necklace for him so he can show it to all his friends and teachers. He says he is ready to tell all about his meteorites, where they come from and how old they are.

When I dropped him off at home he ran in yelling " mom! mom! I finally found two meteorites! take a look!! " Oh and did I forget to mention he was grinning from ear to ear! His pockets were also sagging and full of pinons he had picked during our breaks.

Dean and Zaya









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Aloha Dean and Zaya,

Awesome work in finding them specimens. Is that a GMT he is using? I guess all that swinging finally paid off. Good job kiddo. We cant wait to see what else you go home with.


Stan aka Kaimi

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Thank you all for the replies and kindness. Zaya has no idea that I posted this on Nugget Shooter. I will see him this weekend and I am absolutely positive he will be thrilled when he sees this post with everyones great responses. I am also sure he will be delighted to see the pictures as well. And yes, the memories are the best thing of all!

Kaimi it is a GMT he used to find them. The first time I took him out last year he could hardly handle it. Now after our breaks he will grab it put the head phones on and start swinging.

By the way Ben, the bungie information was great advice especially for Zaya, thanks again.

Again, Sonny, Bones, Del, Frank, Ben, Wayne and Kaimi----Thank you!

Dean and Zaya

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