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Map for G.B. outing next weekend


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Hello All,

Sorry I'm so late getting up the maps but here they are . A lot of you have been here before so this is for the people that haven't made the trip . The Stockton Hill Rd. is a major interchange off of I-40 in Kingman and heads all the way north to Pierce Ferry Rd. I think it was like 52 miles , Pierce Ferry Rd runs from Hwy 93 through Dolan Springs headed to the east to Meadeview and Greg's Hideout Rd runs north almost at the intersection with Stockton Hill Rd .Go north on Greg's Hideout Rd. 8-9 miles and there are a couple of turns to the left that will get you to the campsite they might get marked by some early camper with nothing to do or someone can pipe up here with a better discription of the turns .

Warning ; if you cross the sign that says Meadeview Recreation Area you have went to far, just don't get stuck turning your big rigs around .

See you all there...



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Thanks for posting that Mike, if you were running a track log (looks like you might have been), you should be able to get the coordinates for every turn. I'll throw in a little bit more with the coordinates for the camp site-

N35 52.913

W114 13.798

The hard part is getting up there from Greg's Hideout Road and having coords programmed into your GPS helps out a lot.


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